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Gauti tiesioginę pagalbą ir kalbėtis su SAP atstovu.
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Small and Midsize Business Management Software

SAPPHIRE NOW Converge SME Channel

Get insight from thought leaders, analysts, and customers on how they identify and pivot during critical times to seize new opportunities, where technology meets change.

We stand for small

SAP is dedicated to helping you keep your small business moving forward by offering free and time-limited discounts on select solutions. 

Navigating disruption today, planning for tomorrow

Watch our topical webinars about plans and best practices that SMEs will need to successfully navigate the next few months.

Transform decision-making with data analytics for small and midsize business

Replace scattered data and sprawling spreadsheets with an affordable analytics solution that meets your needs today and keep your small or midsize company moving forward.

SAP Analytics Cloud: BI, planning, and advanced analytics tools for businesses of any size

Embrace a single solution for business intelligence, enterprise planning, and augmented analytics, rather than relying on standalone spreadsheets or separate, disconnected reporting and planning tools. This investment gives employees everything they need to make fast, confident decisions for better business outcomes.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Real-time analytics
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Collaboration tools

Put data analytics to work for your business

Maximise data value to adapt and transform faster

Discover the importance of maximising data value to support every aspect of your growing business in this excerpt from a webinar based on IDC’s prediction of the top six trends impacting midsize companies in the 2020s.

SAP Analytics Cloud fact sheet

Download this one-page information sheet to get an overview of quick facts, benefits, and summary you can highlight to your customers and prospects around the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Grow your midsize business with advanced analytics

Empower your midsize business to run as an intelligent enterprise through actionable, real-time insights and collaboration across your workforce.

See how SME customers are succeeding with analytics solutions from SAP

Gaining insights to improve customer service

See how Borchers integrated its reporting applications to improve customer service and enhance insights into its profitability.

Serving 5.5 million customers individually

Learn how mBank was able to increase campaign effectiveness by a factor of 10 and provide a more personalised banking experience.

Satisfying customers in a competitive market

Discover how Via Bariloche Group uses real-time reporting to update transportation models and create a better customer experience.

Get SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions for your business

Adopt integrated solutions that are built, sold, and supported by an SAP partner – applying our market-leading software, innovations, and intellectual property.

Ready to get started with analytics software from SAP?

It’s your business choice – work with a trusted SAP partner or contact SAP directly.

Find a partner

Count on an ecosystem of more than 21,000 partners to find the expertise you need to resolve your specific challenges – in your language, region, and industry.

Contact SAP

Connect with us directly via chat, phone, or email – we're here to answer all your product, pricing, and implementation questions. 

Questions? Get in touch!

Kalbėkitės dabar Kalbėtis offline
Gauti tiesioginę pagalbą ir kalbėtis su SAP atstovu.
Rašykite mums
Siųskite el. laiškus su pastabomis, klausimais ar atsiliepimais.
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