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Get an overview of SAP Roambi BI tools

Explore our cloud-based business intelligence (BI) tools and apps for analysing, reporting, and visualising data – from any device.

Understand your numbers

Easily create and share engaging data views in three simple steps – with our cloud SaaS analytics platform and business intelligence tools.
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Mobile- and desktop-friendly

SAP Roambi was designed and built to deliver the richest data experiences for mobile users. Now you can deliver the same award-winning UX to everyone – whether on a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Integrated data visualisation features

Instead of static BI dashboards, SAP Roambi Analytics features 10 dynamic visualisations called “views." Each combines interactive navigation and analytics features that help you explore, use, and understand your data with ease.

Data discovery features

Perform freestyle analytics and mobile data discovery in our new Blink view. Powered by an industry-first, on-device analytics engine, Blink lets you visualise, explore, and filter any CSV data set in an instant – right from your iPhone or iPad. 

Enterprise-grade analytics platform

Harness a single platform that combines security, content management, customisation, and integration options. SAP Roambi Analytics gives you the mobile and desktop BI tools you need to deliver data to your entire organisation – no matter its size.

Bring your data to life

Easily build interactive BI reports that bring valuable context to your dashboard views – with our data visualisation software.
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Rich media support

Create fully immersive business intelligence reports that support multi-touch navigation. Include images, text, and visual media from SAP Roambi Analytics, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Multimedia PDFs

Take PDFs from any source, and then turn them into enticing mobile experiences that support multi-touch gestures. Add flipping pages, data visualisations, and media content in minutes.

Best-practice BI reporting

Seamlessly create, manage, and distribute reports in a single visual analytics app. SAP Roambi Flow provides built-in sharing and security to streamline and safeguard the process.

Product Road Map

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