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Drive business process automation from simple workflows to complex processes

With SAP Process Orchestration, you can model, implement, integrate, and monitor custom process applications and integration scenarios. The technology enables you to:

  • Reduce time and cost needed to model and implement business process applications
  • Meet the need for connecting heterogeneous systems within and beyond your organisation
  • Improve data quality and reduce data entry efforts through process automation
  • Reduce the time to create and adapt business rules

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Improve the Efficiency and Flexibility

Whether you want to compose an innovative new process that differentiates your business from the competition or seek to automate a process that’s currently manual, cumbersome, and costly. SAP Process Orchestration reduces the time and cost associated with modelling, implementing, integrating, and monitoring new processes.

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Find out how FC Bayern Munich, one of the world’s most modern and innovative soccer clubs, optimises match-day operations in its Stadium and other SAP Process Orchestration customer success stories. 

Road Map for SAP Process Orchestration

SAP Process Orchestration combines the power of SAP Business Process Management, SAP Process Integration and SAP Business Rules Management into one integrated offering. It provides tools to quickly automate and optimise business processes - from simple workflows to integrated processes. 


What's Included

Support the improvement lifecycle of business processes

SAP Process Orchestration reduces the time and cost associated with modelling, implementing, integrating, and monitoring new processes and incorporating business rules into automated processes.

  • Model and execute processes and rules collaboratively and without coding 
  • Integrate processes so people can reliably exchange information across distributed SAP and third-party applications – within and beyond your organisation 
  • Centrally manage business rules that automate decisions and enforce policies 
  • Monitor processes and identify process bottlenecks

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Model processes, integration scenarios, and business rules

SAP Process Orchestration fosters collaboration between business and IT specialists by enabling them to create and adapt processes jointly using the graphical business process model and notation (BPMN) standard.

  • Empower business users to describe the flow of activities, events, and decision gateways in business-natural terms
  • Ensure nothing gets lost in translation, by letting IT professionals use the same environment to add the necessary technical details
  • Use the BPMN 2.0 standard to model integration scenarios, or integration flows 
  • Create and modify business rules in your preferred natural language
Implement processes and generate intuitive interfaces

SAP Process Orchestration lets you automate and optimise your company-specific processes efficiently and flexibly in a number of ways.

  • Use automatically generated end-user interfaces, based on SAPUI5
  • Access, update, and reuse business functionality through Web services and adapters to automate activities
  • Exchange information reliably using standards-based integration capabilities and prebuilt adapters for Application-to-application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) integration and electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Use business rules to automate decisions related to a process or integration scenario
  • Employ a central point to advertise and run Web Services in a service-oriented architecture, with a UDDI 3.0–compliant Web services directory
Run integration scenarios in hybrid environments

SAP’s integration platform offerings – SAP Process Orchestration technology and SAP Cloud Platform Integration service – address the growing integration demands of hybrid landscapes that span both cloud and on-premise deployments.

  • SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration are complementary offerings supporting enterprise application integration
  • SAP Process Orchestration is used for any-to-any integration needs with a focus on A2A and B2B integration projects
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration specifically addresses cloud-to-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud applications
  • SAP Process Orchestration version 7.5 and higher also supports the cloud integration runtime of SAP Cloud Platform Integration, giving you the choice of deploying integration content for your cloud applications using either of the two offerings

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