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SAP Process Mining by Celonis

Visualise business process performance with SAP Process Mining by Celonis

Visualise and understand the operative processes running within and across your SAP solutions. Distill large volumes of real-time data about business process execution.

Why SAP Process Mining by Celonis?

Because SAP Process Mining helps you gain a clear picture of when tasks are performed and whether processes are running as-designed.

With SAP Process Mining you can:

  • Enable transparent views of business processes through real-time process surveillance
  • Enhance information usability with intuitive, graphical visual representations of processes
  • Measure process effectiveness with powerful analytical capabilities
  • Increase process efficiency by identifying process weaknesses
  • Improve profitability due to more reliable business operations

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Learn how SAP Process Mining can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

Functional Capabilities

Assess process execution using real-time surveillance
  • Achieve real-time process surveillance and data analysis
  • Identify critical patterns in business processes
  • Gain insight into how business processes execute
  • Reengineer inefficient processes
See exactly what’s happening
  • Gain intuitive, graphical visual representations of your enterprise business processes
  • Display business transactions as a process diagram
  • Visualise your as-is business processes
  • Choose any level of data aggregation
Create a path to operational intelligence
  • Create a transparent view of your overall enterprise operations
  • Enable process mining across the entire value chain
  • Create a powerful operational intelligence platform
  • Support operational insight-to-action
Improve business process performance and operational insight
  • Understand how processes really run in your business
  • Identify previously unknown process weaknesses
  • Create more effective operations
  • Improve process quality and reliability

System requirements for SAP Process Mining by Celonis

System and software requirements vary according to specific customer scenarios – please refer to the SAP Process Mining by Celonis Sizing Guide for details. Also, please see the SAP Process Mining by Celonis Product Availability Matrix for the latest information on updates and releases.

Licensing and purchasing options for SAP Process Mining

The modular structure of SAP Process Mining allows you to license and pay for only the number of processes that you require at any given time. Start with the packages and licenses your organisation needs right now and add more processes as your needs evolve. This product is deployed on premise and requires a perpetual license.

Please contact your local SAP account executive for additional licensing and purchasing options.


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Consult Licensing SAP Software: A Guide for Buyers for general licensing information

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