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SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Features

Our enterprise-grade, cloud-based platform for machine learning enables simple consumption and tight integration with SAP software.

Custom Machine Learning Models

Customise existing machine learning models with your own data or train and serve your own custom models.

Image Processing Services

Exploit visual content in pictures and photos. By making images searchable, a computer can automatically detect what is shown in pictures or find similar images.
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Image classification

Use a prebuilt image classification model to analyse and tag pictures with generic categories, such as car or food types, or electronic products. Easily create your custom image classification based on your data. This enables the recognition of objects of your choice such as products or spare parts.

Image object detection

Create a custom image object detection to recognise and locate your objects of interest in pictures. It also provides two prebuilt models for detecting faces and humans.

Image feature extraction

Tailor image feature extraction to recognise fine-grained patterns, such as shapes or contours, in images. This service includes prebuilt models for generic images and facial recognition. You can use the results generated for searches or for finding pictures with similar content.

Optical character and scene text recognition

Process document scans and extract text and number data using optical character recognition (OCR). Extract the same information from images with arbitrary fonts, colours, or text orientation using scene text recognition technology.

Text and Document Processing Services

Translate and analyse natural language content that is stored in documents, Web sites, or e-mails and reveal its meaning.
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Document information extraction

Enter information into business applications faster by automatically extracting structured information from unstructured documents. Process invoice documents to automatically obtain relevant key information, including invoice date, supplier name, and total invoice amount.

Text and document classification

Use custom text data to create your own text classification service. For example, you can create a service to recognise the sentiment of product reviews or to assess the relevancy of legal documents or research papers.

Hierarchy matching

Match and classify new data records automatically to enable more efficient, higher-quality master data management. Use it to make predictions for complex data fields, such as commodity codes for goods.

Text feature extraction

Represent the content of a text document as a vector that can be used for retrieving similar documents.

Language detection

Leverage text recognition technology that detects the language of specific text.


Translate text into different languages. This is especially suited for SAP-related content such as software documentation, manuals or user interfaces to provide accurate terminology.

Topic detection

Extract topics and keywords from documents and assign the documents to the most relevant topics.

Speech Processing Services

Establish two-way speech processing capabilities that enable speech-to-text transcription and synthesis.

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Speech-to-text services

  • Power voice control for digital assistants or transcribe call centre conversations or phone calls
  • Convert spoken language in videos into text to simplify search and management of contents
  • Recognise more than 100 languages and variants
  • Support real-time recognition of audio streams

Text-to-speech services

  • Promote natural interactions between human users and software
  • Use easy-to-use APIs to enable voice and natural language experiences
  • Pick the most suitable voice from a range of more than 30 voices in 14 languages and variants
  • Generate high-fidelity audio to enable more-natural sounding speech

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