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The Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent enterprises apply advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes. This helps them to be more resilient, profitable and sustainable, and become best-run businesses.

Oxford Economics

Resilience and agility of any business rely on internal and external insights, which is underpinned by data — a lot of data.

Industry cloud

Drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth with innovative, vertical industry cloud solutions from SAP. 

Adopt an Intelligent Enterprise strategy

Intelligent enterprises apply advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes. This makes them resilient, successful, and sustainable.

Intelligent Suite

SAP offers an integrated suite of applications that support your end-to-end business processes. The suite helps manage every part of your organisation – employees, customers, products, spend, finance, and IT. With embedded analytics, we provide a 360-degree view of your business.

Industry Cloud

SAP's industry cloud will enable you to discover and deploy vertical solutions from SAP and partners. These help you to apply leading-edge industry best practices and extend your current business processes.

Business Technology Platform

The platform provides data management and analytics, supports application development and integration, and allows you to use intelligent technologies – such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things – to drive innovation.

Experience Management

Understanding what people want, and how they feel is critical to making the right decisions. Experience management solutions give insight on the sentiments and feelings of customers, employees, and other business stakeholders. 

Sustainability Management

Being best-run means running sustainably. SAP solutions for sustainability will help customers understand and manage their impact on people and the environment.

Business Network

The SAP business network will help you to digitalize cross-company business processes. The network builds on current procurement, travel, and contingent workforce solutions to help intelligent enterprises work together to create flexible value chains.

Be a best-run business

How interconnected businesses exhibit leadership and resiliency

The results are in: Applying a holistic approach can improve business performance and help navigate challenging times. Download the Oxford Economics research report and ten industry think pieces.

Leading with purpose

Managing for a higher purpose has become an expectation for companies. Download the Oxford Economics think piece to learn how best-run organisations integrate social, strategic and environmental goals.

The Interconnectors: A New Mindset for Value Creation

Adapting to today's economy requires a new mindset: a focus on interconnecting business operations and the experiences of a vast group of stakeholders. Read our full survey report on the value of an interconnector mindset.

  • Customer Experience
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Spend Management
  • Technology
  • Customer Experience
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Spend Management
  • Technology
Customer Experience

Deliver engaging, trusted customer experiences

You know your company inside and out, but how well do you know your customers? For your business to thrive, you need to gain a deep understanding of your customers to deliver optimal experiences. If you don’t, another company will.

Human Resources

Keep your workforce engaged and improve organisational agility

Organisations that deliver great employee experiences achieve better business results and outperform the competition, while those that don't can have low morale, poor communication, employee attrition, and barriers to innovation.


Increase efficiency and provide the insight to adapt to challenges

While trust and financial stability are critical to your success, your finance organisation must be able to quickly launch new business models, standardise processes, foster trust, and scale without adding complexity to stay ahead of the curve.

Supply Chain

Deliver the products and services your customers need

A great customer experience doesn’t start by chance and end with a purchase decision. To survive and thrive in any economy, you must anticipate, understand, fulfil, and exceed customer desires in real time to deliver an exceptional experience.

Spend Management

Control every source and category of spend

The accelerating pace of business in the digital age makes it critical to adapt and respond to changes in the marketplace, which can be accomplished with effective collaboration across the organisation and the right spend management tools.


Make confident decisions and drive continuous innovation

Businesses that stimulate innovation by adopting advanced technologies and making data-driven decisions are positioned to compete – and destined to succeed – in the experience economy.

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise: Customer perspectives on transformation

Achieving growth by becoming an intelligent enterprise

Sensirion, a Swiss sensor company, wanted to stay ahead of the curve and be able to move data seamlessly across systems to provide insights needed to act quickly. Learn how Sensirion became an intelligent enterprise with SAP, ready to meet the demands of the future.

Vodafone sets new benchmark on Its Intelligent Enterprise journey

Learn how one telecommunications company achieved significant cost efficiencies by transforming its back-office and support operations with SAP S/4HANA and its
strategic business model.

The future of personalised footwear at adidas

Follow adidas’ planned process for creating personalised, best-fit athletic footwear. Discover how they will design, manufacture, and deliver to individual customer demand – quickly and cost-effectively.

Steps towards building an Intelligent Enterprise

Get back to running at your best

There are practical steps you can take to make your organisation more resilient and agile in today’s challenging environment. SAP and its partners have solutions that are easy to get started with and quick to get running to help you get your business running at its best again.

Intelligent Enterprise Assessment

Take our short survey to pinpoint your optimal next steps towards building an Intelligent Enterprise. The assessment asks twelve questions about your organisation’s capabilities, performance, culture, and strategic priorities

Want to learn more?

Industry Insights Podcast Series

The Coronavirus had an impact on industries worldwide. Tune in to the podcast series to learn how industries are adapting and evolving by running as an Intelligent Enterprise.

Intelligent Enterprise at SAPPHIRE NOW Converge

An intelligent enterprise strategy is the key to delivering outstanding results, unlocking new sources of growth, and leading in your industry. Whether you are looking to reimagine your business or adapt to the demands of the new economy, you can start here.

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