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SAP BusinessObjects BI Location Intelligence by Galigeo

Enrich your business intelligence with geospatial analytics

Dynamically combine business and location-based data – using SAP BusinessObjects BI Location Intelligence by Galigeo. This geospatial analytics solution adds sophisticated mapping technology and location intelligence to your dashboard and analytic apps.

  • Use geospatial data to monitor sales performance, assess market penetration, identify the best service locations, visualise key performance indicators etc.
  • Identify movement trends of people and/or vehicles using moving point analysis of X,Y data (latitude and longitude)
  • Correlate socio-demographic data with your business data to gain a better understanding of performance
  • Create logistics plans for multiple sites while minimising field time, resource time, and conflicts

Functional capabilities

Geographic Data Visualisation
  • Access a rich HTML5 geographic visualisation environment
  • Leverage analytical features such as heat maps, drive times, clusters, and motion maps
  • Use symbols to convey information like choropleths, pie charts, and histograms
  • Visualise KPIs such as revenue, gross margin, profits, head count, connection failures, risk damage, customer loyalty, and more
High Scalability
  • Quickly analyse large volumes of data using an intuitive viewing interface
  • Integrate GIS/mapping tools with BI and Big Data capabilities – without extensive custom development
Seamless BI Integration
  • Integrate with SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, and SAP Analytics Design Studio
  • Publish dynamic BI reports with real-time, embedded maps – using PDF or Office formats

System Requirements

Galigeo for SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 or later 
Galigeo for SAP Analytics Design Studio
SAP Analytics Design Studio 1.6 or later
Galigeo for SAP Lumira
SAP Lumira 1.27 or later

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