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Create a project budget

Explore the cost of your SAP Cloud Platform use case.

SAP Cloud Platform brief

Build applications to meet needs quickly and economically.

SAP Cloud Platform in the garage

Discover cloud innovations in a virtual learning series.

Act in the moment with insights from live data

Build your intelligent enterprise by adopting advanced in-memory technology that brings real-time analysis and comprehensive support to any application.



Enhance the Intelligent Enterprise with data management and analytic services

Data management in the cloud

Access comprehensive data management solutions to deliver data that is optimised for any application, available across the business, and ready for any analysis.

SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition

Explore this beta capability to blend SAP Cloud Platform application data to plan with other application data to share and predict insights.

SAP Web Analytics

Optimise your Web presence strategically by collecting and analysing data to measure your goals and enhance the user experience.


Optimised analytics

Gather in-depth analysis of your Web site's user interactions by generating prepackaged and customised reporting.

Integrated analysis tools

Generate insights from your enterprise and Web data to deepen the impact of your Web presence.

Web application management

Set up unique workspaces for various business units, and register multiple Web sites and track them independently.

Custom reporting solutions

Build your dashboards and reports with standard and personalised metrics.

SAP Streaming Analytics

Process, analyse and transform continuous streams of raw data into valuable insight. Generate alerts and responses in real-time while capturing high-value information in your SAP HANA database.


Real-time processing

Process incoming information as soon as it arrives, capturing useful information in SAP HANA.

Extend capabilities

Utilise smart data streaming (SDS) as an add-on to the SAP HANA database-as-a-service offering in SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services

Meet rigorous demands for reliability, scalability, and security with a full-service Big Data cloud, based on Hadoop and Spark.


Secure and ready solutions

Get started immediately with a secure, robust solution based on the Hadoop and Spark ecosystem.

Operations excellence

Free yourself from operational distractions and experience high performance with the expertise of a Big Data operations team.

Automatic elasticity

Manage data and run queries without worrying about capacity, provisioning, and resizing clusters to optimise performance.

Culture of digital innovation

Take a systematic approach to digital innovation with Big Data and SAP Leonardo technical capabilities for rapid innovation.

SAP Cloud Platform, SAP ASE service

Consume SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE) for your applications running on SAP Cloud Platform on premise through Java APIs. You can create or update databases, while acquiring infrastructure and database platform operations.


Database management

Adopt self-services to create, update, and manage your databases so you can program with SAP ASE and bind it to cloud applications.

Big Data governance

Handle large numbers of transactions and concurrent users with superior performance, reliability, and efficiency.

SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA service

Enable next-generation transactional and analytical processing with a broad set of advanced analytics that operates on any data – whether physically in SAP HANA or virtually connected into a single logical data model.


Live data intelligence

Embed real-time intelligence into business processes and avoid data movements.

Simplified application architectures

Support a multimodal architecture that processes all data in one system and combines advanced analytics to deepen insights.

Fast delivery of business-ready solutions

Deliver trusted and timely innovations with ready-to-use business content, ubiquitous data access, and advanced security.

Development and deployment success

Move applications and data freely across the cloud and on premise.

SAP HANA Spatial Services

Build custom, spatially aware business applications with optimised industry solutions, and deploy them across all business processes.


Content-driven enablement

Benefit from prominent industry models for risk prediction, anomaly detection, and classification.

Location-aware business applications

Extend spatial services into custom applications through a single abstracted layer.

Live spatial intelligence

Gain situational awareness by enriching business data with global surface information and analysing it in context.

Hyperledger Fabric on SAP Cloud Platform

Create hyperledger fabric nodes and connect them to a blockchain network.


Intuitive user experience

Create nodes, networks, and channels on an intuitive, cloud-based user interface with limited blockchain experience.

IT landscape transparency

Use service and network dashboards to view and analyse existing chaincode, related transactions, and logs. 

Access control and security

Benefit from distributed and encrypted networks to prevent transactions and ledgers from being hacked, altered, or spoofed.

Business process efficiency

Improve process execution in multiparty scenarios and accelerate transactions that are not limited by office hours.

MultiChain on SAP Cloud Platform

Create multichain nodes and connect them to a blockchain network.


Rapid deployment

Create nodes and streams on an intuitive cloud-based user interface with limited blockchain experience.

Performance visibility

Take advantage of dashboards to view and analyse existing transactions, streams, and assets.

Access authentication

Grant a range of permissions to authorised addresses, controlling the type of access parties involved hold.

Efficient process execution

Accelerate transactions that can happen anytime and improve process execution of multiparty scenarios.

Quorum on SAP Cloud Platform

Create and monitor Quorum nodes and connect them to a blockchain network.


Smart contracts

Ensure that existing Ethereum smart contracts remain network-transparent on Quorum.

Permissioned setup

Speed transactions with high throughput within authorised setups..

Compliant control and security

Support cryptographically ensured, private settlement of digitised assets on Quorum.

User-friendly interface

Create and manage Quorum nodes and service keys in an intuitive cloud-based user interface with limited blockchain experience.

SAP Data Intelligence

Deliver data-driven innovation enterprise-wide by unifying scalable enterprise AI and intelligent information management.


Scalable AI

Design, deploy, and manage machine learning models with built-in tools for data governance, management, and transparency.

Data orchestration

Accelerate the efficient delivery of intelligent data with innovative data pipelines that support smart customer experiences.

Trusted data

Harness the full power of your growing data with flexible, open, and end-to-end management of the data landscape.

Open technologies

Connect data silos and increase visibility by processing data with an agnostic, multicloud approach based on open-source technology.

Service Ticket Intelligence

Build a self-driven customer service powered by machine learning.


Text classification

Predict the categories of new incoming service tickets.

Solution recommendations

Receive similar solution proposals by leveraging service tickets solved in the past

Document Information Extraction

Reduce time spent on business document processing by automatically extracting information from the files.


Information Extraction

Process PDF documents automatically using machine learning. Upload documents to the service and receive header fields and line item fields as structured data.


Match a document to an enrichment data record based on the document’s extracted information. Upload documents as input and receive the ID of the matching enrichment data records.

Data Attribute Recommendation

Apply machine learning to match and classify data records automatically.


Manage training data

Perform all tasks related to the dataset that will be used to train the machine learning model.

Machine learning models

Execute machine learning model tasks that will be used to classify records.

Record classification

Classify records specifying which deployed machine learning model should be used.

Document Classification

Classify business documents automatically using machine learning.


Automated document processing

Apply machine learning to automate the management and processing of large amounts of business documents. 

Document classification based on your needs

Use customisable and retrainable classification models that improve over time in a wide range of business scenarios.

Cost and process efficiencies

Reduce human errors when processing an increasing volume of documents to save time and money.

Invoice Object Recommendation

Use machine learning to receive general ledger account recommendations for new invoice line items.


Streamlined invoice processing

Reduce invoice processing time and process invoices more efficiently and accurately.

Quality and compliance checks

Increase the quality of your general ledger accounts and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

Automated invoice processes

Reduce manual and repetitive work, allowing employees to focus on more relevant tasks in their field of expertise.

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