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SAP Business ByDesign is available for a monthly software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription, based on a base package, user types, and number of users.

SAP Business ByDesign

The base package of SAP Business ByDesign includes all components of the solution, shared as a public cloud offering with both a productive and test tenant.

  • Fully integrated suite of business processes
  • Two advanced users and three core users
  • Three country-specific versions (out of 20) in a dedicated multitenant system
  • Quarterly releases
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Pictogram of a woman working at a computer, representing a self-service user

Self-service user

Allow users to perform core self-service tasks, such as time and expense reporting, purchasing, travel-management and service confirmation.

Pictogram of two people sitting at a desk, representing team users

Core user

Enable processes to support office workers, planners, accountants and sales with customer relationship management, purchasing, supply chain management and project management to help manage daily work activities.

Pictogram of men and women standing together, representing enterprise users

Advanced user

Provide advanced users with all available functionality including  all core and self-service functionality. Allow users to administrate, access the business configurations, user management as well as business analytics for report creation.

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