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Build and innovate on SAP platforms, applications, and technologies

Gain access to onboarding support, development resources, and enablement tools from SAP to quickly build market-leading solutions.
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Development onboarding support

  • Development licenses
  • Onboarding for design and development teams with access to SAP systems and technical support
  • Installation and migration guides
  • Product documentation and road maps 
  • Product availability matrix
  • Partner service advisor*
  • Open Source and SAP on GitHub

Development enablement tools

  • SAP Help Portal, tutorial navigator, how-to-guides, and cookbooks
  • Developer communities
  • SAP Cloud Appliance Library tool
  • SAP Support services and SAP Support Portal
  • Option to create and qualify a rapid-deployment solution  

Training resources

  • Early knowledge transfer for SAP innovations*
  • OpenSAP and live Webinars*
  • SAP Enterprise Architecture Explorer
  • Learning Journeys from SAP

Get all the products and tools you need from SAP

With products, services and tools from SAP, you can create applications that deliver new and innovative functionality to your customers.
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SAP Cloud Platform

Enable extensions to and integration with existing on-premise systems and other SAP-related cloud products.


Simplify the platform environment into a single OLTP/OLAP platform that can handle volume, variety, and velocity.  

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning

Gain advanced machine learning capabilities that help applications recognise patterns and correlations in data.

SAP Data Hub

Perform data integration, orchestrate the movement of data, and provide governance capabilities.

SAP SQL Anywhere

Access secure, reliable data management for servers where no DBA is available.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Use modern APIs to embed rich visualisations and analytics stories based on cloud or on-premise data.

SAP Predictive Analytics

Provide advanced data analysis functions that can be embedded into third-party products and environments.

SAP BusinessObjects BI platform

Create reports, analysis applications, and dashboards for Web browsers and mobile devices.

SAP Business One

Build fast and tightly integrated business processes with enterprise management systems.

Pick your development service or package

Build applications for different environments, whether you're developing in the cloud or on premise, to create extensions or new applications.

Access support services ready to help you

Based on your SAP PartnerEdge – Build agreement, you also get the option to resell runtime licenses for use with your application by bundling or embedding the respective SAP technology components with your application.
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Looking for more information?

SAP offers many partner services and communities to help:

Would you like to get started?

Select the program option that's right for you.
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SAP PartnerEdge – Build

Select the full engagement model to get everything you need to plan, develop, and take your solution to market for the cost of €2,000** per year. A named SAP partner service advisor is available to speed up your application development.

SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem – Build

Get everything you need to start exploring SAP technologies, without the commitment. This option covers the first two stages, but does not offer go-to-market support. You can simply upgrade to the full engagement model at any time.

Each option gives you access to test, demo, and development licenses, both cloud as well as on premise. These licenses vary in price, with many available at no cost.


**Already a member of the SAP PartnerEdge program? Then your €2,000 base fee is waived. Visit the portal.

Stay connected

Take advantage of the power of partnership with SAP to leverage the SAP ecosystem and grow your business.
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Join the conversation

Connect, engage, and collaborate with other partners in our community forum. 


See what’s trending on our SAP partner social media sites.

* Please note that Go-to-Market activities are not available to members of the open ecosystem as it is an entry-level program. You will need to apply to the full SAP PartnerEdge – Build program, requiring a program fee and meeting certain requirements, to be able to market and sell your application. Learn how to expand your partnership with SAP.

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