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Install the Optional Text Analysis Files Package for SAP HANA, express edition

By John Currie

If you are using SAP HANA 2.0, express edition in a language other than English or German, you can download the `Text analysis files for additional languages` package in the Download Manager.


You will learn

You will learn how to download, install, and configure the additional_lang.tgz text analysis files package package.

The Text analysis files for additional languages package contains the text analysis files for the HANA Text Analysis feature (for languages other than English or German).

Step 1: Download additional_lang.tgz

Download additional_lang.tgz using the built-in Download Manager. From directory /usr/sap/SID/home/bin enter:

HXEDownloadManager_linux.bin linuxx86_64 installer additional_lang.tgz
Step 2: Update folder permissions

Update the folder permissions on the lang folder.

Navigate to /hana/shared/SID/global/hdb/custom/config/lexicon/

Enter this command:

chmod 755 lang
Step 3: Extract additional_lang.tgz

This step extracts <download_path>/additional_lang.tgz to /hana/shared/SID/global/hdb/custom/config/lexicon. Enter this command:

tar -xvzf /usr/sap/`SID`/home/Downloads/additional_lang.tgz -C /hana/shared/`SID`/global/hdb/custom/config/lexicon

If your tables do not use a full text index, or if your tables use a full text index but contain very little data, you can save about 120 MB of memory if you turn off the standalone text analysis preprocessor, and activate the embedded text analysis preprocessor.

Stop the standalone preprocessor:

alter system alter configuration ('daemon.ini','SYSTEM') set ('preprocessor','instances') = '0' with reconfigure;

Start the embedded preprocessor:

alter system alter configuration ('preprocessor.ini','SYSTEM') set ('general','embedded') = 'true' with reconfigure;

Updated 07/16/2018

Time to Complete

15 min




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