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Install the Optional SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer Package for SAP HANA, express edition

By John Currie

If you downloaded the Server + Applications Virtual Machine package (`hxexsa.ova`), you have the option of installing the SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer (SAP EA Designer) tool.


You will learn

You will learn how to download, install, and configure the eadesigner.tgz SAP EA Designer package.

SAP EA Designer lets you capture, analyze, and present your organization’s landscapes, strategies, requirements, processes, data, and other artifacts in a shared environment. Using industry-standard notations and techniques, organizations can leverage rich metadata and use models and diagrams to drive understanding and promote shared outcomes in creating innovative systems, information sets, and processes to support goals and capabilities.

SAP EA Designer is a separate download in the Download Manager.

In this procedure you’ll download the SAP EA Designer package (eadesigner.tgz) using the built-in Download Manager (Console Mode), extract the package, and run the installation script.

Step 1: Run the memory management script

The hxe_gc memory management script frees up available VM memory.

  • In your VM, log in as hxeadm and enter:

    cd /usr/sap/HXE/home/bin
  • Execute:
  • When prompted for System database user (SYSTEM) password, enter the New HANA database master password you specified during SAP HANA, express edition installation.

The cleanup process runs. The command prompt returns when the cleanup process is finished.

Step 2: Download `eadesigner.tgz` using the built-in Download Manager

In your VM, from the same directory where you ran hxe_gc (/usr/sap/HXE/home/bin), enter:

HXEDownloadManager_linux.bin linuxx86_64 vm eadesigner.tgz
Step 3: Navigate to the `Downloads` directory

In your VM, enter:

cd /usr/sap/HXE/home/Downloads
Step 4: View the contents of the `Downloads` directory to confirm `eadesigner.tgz` exists.

In your VM, enter:

Step 5: Extract the file.

In your VM, enter:

tar -xvzf eadesigner.tgz
Step 6: Navigate to the `HANA_EXPRESS_20` directory.

In your VM, enter:

Step 7: Run the installation script

In your VM, enter:

sh ./

Installation begins.

Step 8: Follow the installation prompts
  • When prompted for HANA instance number [90] press Enter to accept the default.

  • When prompted for System database user (SYSTEM) password, enter the hxeadm login password.

  • When prompted for XSA administrator (XSA_ADMIN) password, enter the HANA database master password you specified when you installed SAP HANA 2.0, express edition.

Step 9: Complete the installation

When prompted to Proceed with installation, enter Y. Wait for installation to finish.

A success message displays when installation completes.

Step 10: Confirm the status of SAP EA Designer

In your VM, enter:

xs apps

The output will include all the applications of your organization and space. You should see:

  • eadesigner - The SAP EA Designer application
  • eadesigner-service - The SAP EA Designer Node application
  • eadesigner-backend - The SAP EA Designer Java application
  • eadesigner-db - The SAP EA Designer database creation application. This application will have a state of STOPPED when the installation is complete.
Step 11: Log in
  • Note the URL for eadesigner.

  • Launch a web browser on your laptop and enter the URL in your web browser address bar. The SAP EA Designer login page displays.

  • Click Login with your XSA User on this logon page.

  • Enter XSA_ADMIN user and password. You are logged in as administrator of SAP EA Designer.


Updated 07/16/2018

Time to Complete

15 min




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