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Create a native app in SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations

By Jim Jaquet

Learn how to create a native app definition in SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations


You will learn

Creating an app in SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations will provide a server URL that a native mobile app will use for logon, registration and data access.

Step 1: Open the Development & Operations cockpit

Log on to your SAP Cloud Platform account, click on the Services tab, click on the Development & Operations tile. On the Development & Operations status page, click the Go to Service link to open the Development & Operations cockpit.

Step 2: Open the create app dialog

Click on the Create new app tile on the home screen to open the create app dialog box.

Development and Operations cockpit
Step 3: Enter settings and save

Enter the following and click Save.

Field Name Value
Config Template Native
ID com.northwind.native
Name nwnative
Description Native version of Northwind app
Vendor SAP
Create Application
Step 4: Enter back-end settings and save

The Application Definition screen is displayed with the INFORMATION tab displayed.

Notice the Incomplete Configuration warning message next to the Connectivity feature in the Assigned Features pane on the right:

back-end settings

Clicking on the Connectivity feature will navigate to the Connectivity page for your app:

back-end settings

Click the Create button and a wizard will pop up:

back-end settings

Leave these values and click Next.

In the next screen, enter the following and click Next.

Field Name Value
Proxy Type Internet
Maximum Connections 100
Rewrite Mode Rewrite URL
BACK END Information

Click Next twice to advance through both the Custom Headers and Annotations screens. In the final screen, enter the following details:

Field Name Value
SSO Mechanism No Authentication
BACK END Information

Click Finish to save the back end configuration. The new configuration is now listed:

BACK END Information
Step 5: View applications

Once the application is created, click the Home navigation bar and you will see the number of Applications and Destinations has increased.

Cockpit homepage

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