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Make ABAP custom business object service's consumable on SAP Cloud Platform via OAuth

By Merve Yalcin

Make an ABAP custom business object's service consumable on SAP Cloud Platform via OAuth. Enhancing the Platform subaccount's destination to the services S/4HANA system.


You will learn

  • How to add a service scope to your destination
  • How to create a UI project

This tutorial describes how to make a custom business object’s service consumable on SAP Cloud Platform in case of OAuth authentication. This will be done by enhancing the Platform subaccount’s destination to the services S/4HANA system. The service will be added to the scope of the destination. At the end you cannot only choose the service in SAP Web IDE, but also retrieve its data.

Step 1: Open SAP Cloud Platform destination

Open Destinations on SAP Cloud Platform.

Open SAP Cloud Platform destination
Step 2: Add service scope to destination

Edit your destination and add your custom CDS view service to your scope.


Your scope consists now of 4 parts:
- ADT_0001: scope of the gateway service for ADT
- /UI5/APP_INDEX_0001: scope of the UI2 app index
- /IWFND/SG_MED_CATALOG_0002: scope of the catalog service version 2.0
- <CustomBusinessObjectServiceName> + _0001: custom CDS view

example: `YY1_BONUSPLAN_CDS_0001`

Be sure that all parts within the scope are separated with a space.

Step 3: Search SAP Web IDE

Go to Services, search for SAP Web IDE and select it on your SAP Cloud Platform account.

Open SAP Web IDE

Click Go to Service to open SAP Web IDE.

View service catalog
Step 4: Select new project

Select New Project from Template to generate one.

Select new project

If you don’t see this welcome page then follow the alternative way:
File -> New -> Project from Template

Step 5: Create UI project

Choose the List Report Application to create a new UI.

Create UI project
Step 6: Enter basic information

Enter Bonusplan as project name and title.

Enter basic information

Click Next.

Step 7: Explore business object's service in SAP Web IDE

Search for YY1_BONUSPLAN_CDS and open the list. Now you can see following:

Explore business object’s service in SAP Web IDE

Without YY1_BONUSPLAN_CDS_0001 as parameter in your scope you wouldn’t be able to select YY1_BONUSPLAN_CDS_0001 as service to create your UI project. All other services still cannot be selected.

Updated 04/20/2018

Time to Complete

15 Min.




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