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User Profiles


User Profiles

You can reach any user's profile by clicking on his/her name anywhere it appears, or via search. If you know the username (the nickname chosen by the user at registration), you can get to his/her profile by typing followed by the username.

Based on their user roles, SAP employees will automatically see the SAP logo as part of their profiles. A moderator will see an "M" logo, and SAP Mentors will see the logo for the SAP Mentors program. 

If you had an existing user account on SCN, the system will automatically update some of your information – such as how long you've been a member of the community and your username.




You'll also see the content you've created (blog posts, questions, and answers). Click on any content element to view it in its entirety.

Previous reputation information will be migrated with the new system as a snapshot taken a few days before the new community launches. You'll be able to see all your badges, your points, and the membership level you've attained through the SCN gamification program. The new community will launch with new missions and badges, which will also appear on your profile once you earn them.

In addition, your profile shows your social circle, including people who were following you on SCN and the ones whom you were following. To find more information about them, simply click on their profile pictures.

You can follow other people by clicking on "Follow" on their profiles. You can also send them direct messages if they are following you.

Expanding Your Profile

Basic information: To create or update your profile, select a nickname (username) when registering for the site. Fill in the fields with these key elements: first name, last name, your role or title, and the company for which you work.

Bio: You can write a bio limited to 200 characters.

Images: Select an avatar image, or ideally, a professional profile picture. You can drag and drop your files and click "Upload." (Note: All images must be your own.)

Languages: The new profile lets you add or change languages in which you're fluent. Simply select "Languages," select the languages you know, and click "Save."

Social networks: Add other links, such as your Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile.

Managing Account Settings

Go to your avatar to update your account. You can change your login password here. SAP employees cannot change their passwords on their profiles unless they change their domain passwords.

You can also incorporate accounts from your social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

From account settings, you can update your communication settings, and indicate whether you prefer to be contacted by e-mail or phone.

You can also update your newsletter subscriptions.  



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