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Go beyond the hype of new technologies

Discover how technologies, like AI, blockchain, and IoT, work and how they can help your business, explained in a way you can actually understand.

New Webinar Series: Data Bits & Bites for Busy People

Stay on top of the latest innovations in Data Management with a new weekly webinar series that goes straight to the heart of the topic—no fluff. Join us on Tuesdays for Data Bits: 15 minute ‘What is it’ sessions and on Thursdays for Data Bites: 30 minute ‘How to’ sessions, available live and on-demand.

Prisijunkite prie mūsų unikaliai 3D patirčiai

Lapkričio 3 d. vyksiantis renginys „SAP Midmarket Summit“ skirtas augančioms ir vidutinėms įmonėms. Susipažinkite su naujausiomis įžvalgomis, geriausia praktika, klientų sėkmės istorijomis ir pasisemkite įkvėpimo! 

Explore SAP Events

Get ready to connect with industry experts and hone your skills. Visit our events finder page to view of upcoming Webinars and conferences – and get details about the ones you missed.

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