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Engineering a Better Business Engine

Customer Snapshot: Overview

98% Faster access approval cycles (from 48 hours to 30 minutes)

Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing, and next-generation services, delivering the most complex software projects in areas such as automation and artificial intelligence. SAP HANA enabled Infosys to Run Live and benefit from a better business engine, thanks to a simplified infrastructure and the ability to analyze data nearly in real time. They rely on the latest data and about 190 internal applications to make regular decisions about their customers and projects.

Infosys Limited

US$8.7 billion

Number of Employees

Professional Services

Visionary Themes

Digital Economy, Run Simple, Run Live

Bangalore, India

Customer Website

Line of Business
Finance, Human Resources, Platform and Technology, Sales, Service, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Digital Business Services (DBS), SAP ERP, SAP Fiori, SAP Identity Management, SAP MaxAttention, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), SAPUI5 Design rapid-deployment solution

Customer Snapshot: History

It All Began with US$250 and 7 Engineers

Established in 1981, Infosys is a NYSE listed global consulting and IT services company with more than 194,000 employees. Over the last 30 years, Infosys has been a major driving force in the changes that have led to India's emergence as the global destination for software services talent.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Key Business Areas Keeping Up with Global Business

Infosys operates with about 194,000 employees, across 50+ countries with ~950 customers. They strive to enable their clients to run more efficiently by making powerful new technologies and concepts converge, so enterprises can thrive based on automation, innovation, and knowledge.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy


Improving Productivity Across Finance, HR, and IT

The goal of Infosys is to simplify their IT landscape and accelerate business processes to better serve their customers.

Becoming more agile.

The Challenge

Making Better Business Decisions with Real-Time Data

Infosys noticed the amount of IT and manual effort being expended just on getting financial results and meeting reporting timelines, and needed ways to speed up that transaction process and transform their platform.

Infosys was looking to make their decision support system real-time and Run Live.

Enter SAP

Transitioning to Fuel Their Big Business Engine

With 20,000+ project managers monitoring thousands of projects, invoices, profitability, revenue, cost, and margin for example, Infosys needs to process data as efficiently as possible. They pride themselves for being on the cutting edge of technology and are proud to be one of the first early adopters to incorporate SAP HANA into their business acumen to stay on the forefront of technology and pass this along to their clients.


Keeping Up with Cutting-Edge Technology

Why we chose SAP HANA.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Simplifying and Amplifying Data Reports

With the transition to SAP HANA, data was delivered up to 100-500X faster, allowing projects managers to access reports in minutes (and in seconds in certain cases), instead of days.

SAP HANA has been instrumental in significantly reducing turnaround times for critical transactions, thus enabling us to be more agile. Business intelligence on SAP HANA is another key factor in faster reporting. SAP HANA has helped transform our digital business engine. — Jitendra S, AVP and Head, Platform Services, Information Systems, Infosys Limited

Better Business

Speed and Agility Builds Business Strength

Rolling out SAP HANA provided the Infosys sales team with the capability to analyze data in real time with reliable, up-to-date information from former projects. They were able to predict if a project would go over budget and developed the ability to better analyze potential employees with predictive analysis.

Bringing the best of Infosys to the boardroom table.

Better Business: Benefits

Faster, Leaner, and Much More Innovative

A simplified IT landscape, reduced hardware, and faster reporting are just some of the benefits that Infosys realized as a result of SAP HANA.


Infosys gained access to real-time data and empowered their employees to make better decisions with predictive analytics. The sales team now performs simulation analysis in real-time, and Human Resources can evaluate potential employees more effectively.

Infosys also leveraged SAP MaxAttention™ to centralize identity lifecycle management using the SAP Identity Management component. The result is a highly scalable identity management system that increases employee productivity and compliance with company security policies.

Seizing the potential.

With SAP HANA, Infosys realizes:

33,000x faster

SAP ERP transactions

35% savings

in database storage

4,000x faster

queries in SAP BW

SAP software is at the core of any IT innovation you can think of. It enables us to be faster, leaner, and much more innovative. — Narendra Sonawane, Associate Vice President and Head of Business Services, Infosys Limited

Better Business: Run Simple

Running Seamlessly Across all Lines of Business

With the implementation of SAP HANA, Infosys has seen great improvements in their data streaming leading to significant growth across their different departments companywide.


With 33,000 times faster SAP ERP transactions on average, more than 35% savings in database storage through compression, five times faster average transaction speed, and more, these improvements have made for much happier employees, which in turn relates to much better returns and benefits for their clients.

When we went for SAP HANA we realized that within a quarter or two quarters, we were really able to achieve the type of process improvement we were looking for in many of the transaction areas. That led us to the next step of our journey, which was implementing SAP S/4HANA Finance. — Kiran Gole, Principal Consultant & PMO, Infosys

Making life easier for employees helps Infosys serve their customers better.

Journey Ahead

Moving Forward with Next Generation Apps

With the implementation of SAP HANA, Infosys is now planning to take advantage of the key reporting and real-time data that SAP S/4HANA provides and move it across other departments to improve efficiency and planning. By taking advantage of the predictive analytics of SAP HANA in the next six months, Infosys hopes to end batch processing and add in management reporting with SAP Fiori UX.

Infosys, both a customer and partner of SAP, explored lots of possibilities when it was deciding to upgrade its finance platform, according to Gole. “We experienced some complex landscapes but to our satisfaction discovered that SAP had embedded everything into one landscape. From a holistic point of view, SAP S/4HANA really brought business value into the organization. Doing so wasn't merely a migration, but a new formation,” said Gole.

Looking forward to an even better user experience.

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