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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Global oil reserves are estimated to be 1.2 trillion barrels

Pacific Drilling believes the greatest opportunities in the offshore oil and gas industry will be in ultra-deep water. To effectively focus on this segment of the drilling market, they turn to SAP to help support a unique, specialized fleet of drill ships through optimized maintenance, operation, inventory, and supply chain processes.

Pacific Drilling looked to combine the speed of SAP HANA® and the intuitive design of the SAP Fiori® user experience (UX) to achieve instant insight and turn knowledge into action.

Pacific Drilling, S.A.

US$1.01 billion (2015)

Number of Employees

Oil & Gas

Houston, Texas, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business
Finance, Human Resources, Sourcing and Procurement, Supply Chain, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA, SAP Fiori, SAP HANA Live

Customer Snapshot: History

A Big Investment in Ultra-Deep Oil

Pacific Drilling is a young company with global ambitions. Created by oil and gas industry veterans and venture capitalists in 2006, the company combines modern drilling technology with the latest safety practices to effectively meet complex operating requirements at remote locations in deep water.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Seizing Opportunities Deep Below Sea Level

Pacific Drilling believes that the greatest opportunities in the offshore oil and gas industry will be found in technically challenging or remote deep-water fields. The company has chosen to focus only on this segment of the drilling market because there are great advantages from fleet consistency, such as the ability to optimize maintenance and operating systems and inventories and supply chain processes.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Powerful IT Powers the Push for Deep Oil

Pacific Drilling is using data to gain the speed and flexibility they need to become the world’s pre-eminent deep-water drilling company. They combine the strength of a large, well-capitalized enterprise with the agility and flexibility of a small solution provider to the benefit of customers, suppliers, employees, and the communities in which they operate.

The Challenge

Real-Time Data to Deliver the Edge

A global company with multiple locations, including remote offshore drilling sites, Pacific Drilling was able to harness real-time data and analysis through incorporating multiple solutions from SAP. When the company sought to further streamline IT, procurement and training processes, and consolidate their entire IT landscape into a single platform, they looked to SAP for a solution.


Connecting a widespread employee base over land and sea.

Enter SAP

Partners with SAP From Day One

SAP solutions have been critical to the success of Pacific Drilling since the company was founded. Specifically, Pacific Drilling has used SAP ERP for Oil and Gas as they have grown from a company of fewer than 100 employees to more than 1,500 employees and five deep-water drill ships deployed worldwide.

A strong partnership helped Pacific Drilling get the most out of all that SAP has to offer.

An intuitive user experience is crucial for us. Employees all over the world must be able to tap into our systems to manage data and get insight instantly from a smartphone or tablet. — Andrew Marici, SAP IT Applications Analyst, Pacific Drilling Services, Pacific Drilling S.A.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

An Unparalleled Tech Team

With help from partners SAP Services, Hewlett-Packard, Deloitte Consulting, Capgemini Consulting, and Convergent Information Systems, SAP and Pacific Drilling were able to deploy SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA in 60 days, and successfully rolled out a complete IT integration across multiple platforms to support a mobile workforce.


The implementation allows Pacific Drilling to conduct both transactions and analytics in the same IT environment, independent of geographic location, saving time, and money, and establishing a technology foundation that can scale as the company grows.

SAP provides a strong backbone to help Pacific Drilling Run Simple.

SAP HANA gives us the speed. With SAP Fiori UX, you don’t need any training – that makes things easy and efficient, and keeps costs down. — Andrew Marici, SAP IT Applications Analyst, Pacific Drilling Services, Pacific Drilling S.A.

Better Business

Simplify, Simplify

Simplifying the IT landscape greatly reduces the costs of operations throughout Pacific Drilling, from payroll, to procurement, to supply chain management. It also helps reduce the overall database size, which simplifies management and improves data availability and transparency.


Pacific Drilling employees around the world now have instant access to insights through an intuitive user experience that requires no training for employees to be able to hit the ground running on land or sea.

With no information lag, decision-making is easier and faster.

Better Business: Benefits

Optimized Supply Chain Management and Better User Experience

So far, Pacific Drilling has sped up the time required for both payroll and material requirements planning (MRP) by up to 50%. The solution is also expected to maximize the uptime of their drilling rigs while reducing maintenance costs and optimizing inventory levels throughout their global supply chain. Time previously spent on individual tasks can now be spent on strategic initiatives and forward-thinking innovation. The scalable nature of SAP Fiori apps ensure Pacific Drilling technology is future ready.

A summary of benefits from a UX perspective:

Better user experience,

helping streamline business processes

Intuitive user experience

simplifying onboarding processes and costs

Increased employee efficiency,

redirecting focus from tasks to strategy and innovation

Better data quality,

thanks to automated prompts from the apps

Rapid deployment

of SAP Fiori apps for additional key functions in the future

Better Business: Run Simple

Data Directly from the Drill

Currently, the Pacific Drilling team is investigating the benefits of importing mission data from sensors on equipment on each of the rigs. By using SAP HANA Live for SAP ERP, Pacific Drilling hopes to analyze the data in real-time and provide actionable information to the users.


For example, real-time data collection and mobile capabilities now allow rig operators to detect and appropriately react to anything that occurs while drilling, which can enhance the safety and efficiency of deep-water drilling operations. Intuitive UX design gets employees up to speed and on the job more quickly and efficiently than ever.

SAP Fiori delivers a flexible, simple and user-friendly experience.

Journey Ahead

Rising Faster and Drilling Deeper

Pacific Drilling continues to look for other ways to use SAP solutions to improve business performance, operational excellence, and safety. IT executives say SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA positions the company for at least the next five years, as the company is expected to increase their staff to more than 2,000 people and increase annual revenues to more than $1 billion.

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