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Customer Snapshot: Overview

4,000,000 customers, 700,000 claims per year

Filing an insurance claim is not something anyone looks forward to. But at DEVK Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in Germany, the process has become a lot less trying and complicated – and not just for people making claims but for the staff processing them as well. DEVK Insurance is putting its customers first and achieving extraordinary customer satisfaction rates because of it.


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SAP Solutions
SAP for Insurance

Cologne, Germany

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Customer Snapshot: History

A 125-Year Relationship Built on Trust

In 1886 DEVK was founded as a burial fund for railway workers, and today is Germany’s 3rd-largest household insurer, 5th-largest car insurer and ranks 7th in liability insurance.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Keeping Members On Track

DEVK offers its members, who are predominantly railway workers and other transport sector employees, comprehensive and customized economically priced insurance coverage. DEVK’s inception was as a self-help organization for railway workers, and to this day it is recognized as a company welfare scheme by Deutsche Bahn and the Federal Office for Railway Assets.
DEVK exclusively undertakes direct non-life and accident insurance operations as well as direct foreign travel sickness insurance operations in Germany.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Insuring Successful Relationships

Customer satisfaction is an important strategic goal for DEVK, which is why they measure the satisfaction of their customers every year. For this purpose, DEVK draws on a sectoral index which assesses their customer satisfaction against that of their competition with a point scale. This enables DEVK to measure developments over time and visually analyze them. Currently, DEVK scores well above the industry average, but their aim over the coming years is for DEVK to achieve first place for customer satisfaction.
Through the continuous optimization of their processes, DEVK ensures they can execute business effectively and efficiently.

The Challenge

Taking the Headache Out of Insurance Claims

DEVK was looking to increase the speed and efficiency of insurance claims processing and improve customer satisfaction with faster claims response.

Enter SAP


One Application Does it All

The SAP® Claims Management application has the ability to cover the entire claims process. It allows employees to choose how to file a claim, and set review cycles and alerts to smooth claims processing.

We now automatically process 40 to 50 thousand windshield claims. This means no employee needs to enter the claim, no employee has to authorize any payments. Instead, they are simply set up by the system, paid and then closed. — Rüdiger Burg, Head of Property & Casualty / HUK Damages, DEVK

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Greater Efficiency Generates Higher Satisfaction

SAP® Claims Management software raised the bar for claims management across the board. From simpler filing to automated claims to centralized more efficient processing tools, the system simplifies every aspect of claims management.

Better Business

Less Down-Time

It’s not just the computers that can multitask. Specialists can now take multiple calls, have several case windows open at once and process more than one claim at a time. Less down-time equals greater company efficiency and faster claims processing.

With SAP Claims Management we can cover the entire claims process, from first notice of loss to the close of a claim. — Frank Lippok, Senior Project Manager, DEVK Insurances

Better Business: Benefits

Happier Employees, More Satisfied Customers

With SAP Claims Management, employees now have more flexibility in choosing how to file claims, and greater efficiency in their ability to work on multiple cases at once. The result is accelerated claims resolution with better-functioning claims management for employees and increased customer satisfaction level with improved response time for their customers.

>40,000 Windshield claims processed automatically

Better Business: Run Simple

Making Claims Easier Across the Board

SAP has helped DEVK Run Simple with standardized, automated procedures that reflect best practices from claim to resolution.
SAP Claims Management delivers accelerated claims resolution with better-functioning claims management. The implementation of standardized procedures to reflect what works best has raised the customer satisfaction level with better customer service and response time.

Journey Ahead


Keep Making Connections

DEVK has conducted surveys across all arms of their expanding company, discovering where processes are in need of streamlining and which areas would benefit from being converted into SAP. The overall goal is to increase customer satisfaction in terms of speed and customer service.

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