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Innovation at SAP

Delivering real-world innovation with the right balance of people, technology, and process.

Continuously innovating for our customers – and the future

From quantum technologies and blockchain, to cryptofinance and beyond, SAP is continuously exploring new ideas, business models and pioneering technologies to shape the next generation of enterprise software, deliver real-world innovation, and enable sustainability.


Now, more than ever, helping the world run better and improving people’s lives depends on all of us working together to sustainably manage the world’s resources. We will achieve this by:

  • Reinventing how we manage all resources, including people, products, raw materials, and capital
  • Extending beyond the confines of traditional ERP systems by enabling real-time information flows across business lines, supply chains, and value chains
  • Creating opportunities to work collaboratively through interconnected networks to accelerate climate action, regenerative economies, and prosperous communities.



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Have a great idea for a new product?

Learn how to influence SAP software development and adopt new innovations.

Our innovation strategy

Focusing on four key innovation topics today will drive our strategic agenda for the future –  transforming your business to be more profitable, resilient, and sustainable.

Benefit from our established networks of business innovation

It takes more than technology for innovation to happen. It takes bright minds from diverse backgrounds working together to apply technology in original and creative ways. When you innovate with SAP you tap into a network of researchers, developers, students, partners, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, and SAP customers.

Accelerating and scaling startups

SAP.iO Foundries‘ zero-cost and equity-free programmes provide technical and go-to-market support to help enterprise software startups launch and scale a relationship with SAP and our global customer base. 

Helping SAP partners develop innovative solutions on SAP platforms

The Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services (PILS) group at SAP helps partners develop innovative solutions on SAP platforms. Learn how PILS can benefit you.

International Data Spaces Association

As a member of this cross-industry coalition of more than 130 companies, we help realise a vision of companies self-determining usage rules and tapping the full potential of their data in secure, trusted and equal partnerships. 

European Quantum Industry Consortium

A founding member of this ecosystem to accelerate innovative breakthroughs in science and technology, we contribute to shaping the industry across all European Quantum Technology stakeholders.

Quantum Technology & Application Consortium

Along with other leading German companies, our organisation is bringing quantum computing to the level of practical application and cooperatively shaping a new digital future. 

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

We participate in this member-led industry organisation, driving the use of Enterprise Etherum and Mainnet Etherum blockchain technology as an open standard to empower all enterprises. 

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

As an innovation partner for this global, CEO-led organisation and together with other forward-thinking companies, we are advancing global decarbonization efforts by jointly collecting and sharing product carbon footprint data with customers and consumers. 


A founding member of this project with representatives from business, science and international politics, we develop a solution to help create the next generation of data infrastructure based on openness, transparency and trust. 


For this initiative, we are creating the network and technology to address the central challenges of the automotive industry due to Catena-X enabling a continuous data exchange for all contributors along the automotive value chain.

Academic engagements

We engage with the academic community because we value fresh perspectives on technology trends and our solutions, impacting 437,000+ customers and their communities – today and tomorrow. Find out how to translate and apply your research in an SAP context, at SAP scale.

Developing the next generation of innovators

SAP Next-Gen is a global community for students, universities, schools, and educational partners passionate about innovation and technology. We inspire the next generation to use digital technologies through initiatives including SAP University Alliances and SAP Young Thinkers.


SAP Innovation Awards

Celebrating forward-thinking companies and individuals that drive innovation.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

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Research publications from SAP

SAP is participating in research with several universities across the globe.

SAP Innovation News

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