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Julie Gerodias

Project Associate, Digital Business Services

Working at SAP has had a huge influence on who I am today, what I’m interested in and where I want to be moving forward.

Julie Gerodias

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

"While working towards my bachelor’s degree in marketing, human resources and international communications at Macquarie University I was made aware of the many different opportunities that could kickstart my career. The dilemmas of pursuing a broad course – you can pick between many different paths, but which should you choose? It was difficult to identify and translate my interests and skills into my first job. How do you begin to narrow down your options when there’s so many available?

To give me some clarity on life beyond university, I applied and successfully gained a place in the university’s Lucy Mentoring Program, which partners female students in their penultimate or final year with an experienced and industry mentor who can offer their guidance and support in understanding and navigating the workplace. It was a perfect foundation to my learning and experience. I had a wonderful and supportive female leader from SAP as a mentor who helped me land an internship as an Asia-Pacific Japan Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Coordinator at SAP.

For two and half years, I worked on developing projects, events and training underpinned by our four D&I pillars: gender, generational, culture and identity, and the differently abled. It was amazing to be part of a team building the foundations for the region’s D&I journey and to see the value it adds to SAP’s strategy. Working at the forefront of such an important societal challenge illustrates SAP’s dedication and belief that employee diversity is integral to the success of an organisation.

Working as an intern was a rewarding experience for three reasons. Firstly, I was wholeheartedly supported by managers and team members. Secondly, I was given the flexibility to not only balance work and studies, but also to learn about other areas of the business and how we are developing in the industry. Lastly, I was never made to feel like stereotypical intern who spent her day getting coffee. The team was genuinely open to listening to my ideas and valued what I could offer.

What I enjoy about SAP’s culture is that people recognise the importance of having different perspectives and that it’s important to bring diverse experiences to the table. Everyone understands that we work in a complex environment and I’m grateful for those who take the time out to help me out.

In 2018, I joined the Australia and New Zealand SAP DBS Graduate program as a Project Associate. It’s a new and challenging role and I’m constantly learning about what SAP does for our customers; how we deliver our software and where the future of technology will take us. It’s exciting. The great thing about my past experience in D&I is that I can still integrate it into any role I move into. I also believe it's important to pay it forward and I do this by being a buddy and early talent mentor to new interns who are equally as lost as I once was.

Working at SAP has had a huge influence on who I am today, what I’m interested in and where I want to be moving forward. It’s also had an impact on who I am outside of work. I love travelling and have I had the opportunity to travel and work with people from other countries and cultures. I started yoga and meditation workouts, because of an employee wellness initiative we had in the office. And lastly, I’ve made great friends at SAP that I regularly spend time with outside of work. It’s been a great experience so far.

Success to me is being happy in achieving the small wins, as well as the big wins. For example, I’m not a big numbers person, so I find myself doing a little dance when I can get math or forecasting calculations right. I’ve learned that although success is defined and achieved through your own efforts, I would not be successful without the support of those around me, personally and professionally. If I had to narrow down what I’ve learned at SAP to a few key lessons, it would be: always be open and be ready for a challenge."

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