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Jerry Wang

Development Expert, SAP CRM

Jerry's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


SAP offers a great opportunity to work with the best minds within SAP as well as our global clients and partners. I am a believer that if you work hard, and have passion, you will find success here.

Jerry Wang

I heard about SAP from two of my classmates at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China who joined SAP Chengdu for an internship. I was impressed when they spoke of the opportunity to work on global teams, on advanced technologies, and the learning and development programs at the company.

This inspired me to apply for an internship as well. After multiple rounds of interview, I was selected as an Associate Application Developer. I was later converted from an intern to a full-time employee (FTE) after my graduation in 2007 where I worked within SAP Labs China. And I haven’t looked back since. Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to work with different development teams in Chengdu for different products like SAP Business by design, SAP CRM, SAP Cloud for Customer, and SAP S/4HANA. I have been able to master my skills as an experienced developer with professional programming skill of ABAP, Java and Java Script on SAP CRM, Cloud for Customer, S/4HANA, and Commerce. Currently I am working as a development expert role in SAP CRM Development team located in SAP Lab Chengdu responsible for defining, designing and development of prototype and innovations as a development expert.

My work fuels my passion and inspires me each day. I am honored to be nominated by SAP community committee as an SAP Technology Ambassador in China. In this role, I am constantly seeking ways to efficiently use channels to promote our technology to the local ecosystem. It’s never a conscious effort to consider what content I should blog — my daily work always inspires me to do that, especially when I move to a completely new area of work.

I am often asked how I manage my time to blog despite my busy schedule. If you have a passion, you will find the way. I live 20 kilometers away from the office and I spend 2 hours each day commuting to and from on the metro. Two hours of undisturbed ‘me’ time to write blogs in an efficient and undisturbed manner. It’s very easy to synchronize and publish this to the community thanks to the technology at SAP.

To date, I have authored close to 620 blogs for the SAP Community. In addition to the SAP Community, I begin to write posts on WeChat and received very positive feedback from readers. After a discussion with my manager, I encouraged my colleagues to also contribute to this channel as well. And I am proud to share that as a group, we have 87+ articles posted to promote our technology to local ecosystem on WeChat. I was also thrilled to receive the SAP Community Citizen Award in 2017 for my efforts and impact on the community.

Thanks to SAP’s encouragement towards a work-and-life balance culture, many of my colleagues are experts not only in traditional SAP area but also in pursuing their passion like sports, arts, etc. For me, I enjoy Nunchakus. Have you heard of Nunchakus or chain sticks? Nunchakus practice could be divided into two kinds: martial art training and performance display purpose, and my case belongs to the latter.

You might ask how does the Nunchakus relate to a self-professed technology geek like me? The journey of mastering both are the same. You need to slowly build your confidence to break out of your comfort zone to enable you to embrace the new world. With the confidence I gained during my Nunchakus self-study, I am sure I can behave more calmly in front of undiscovered challenges.

At SAP, we strive to create the best software to make our customers run at their best. I feel very happy that I can engage with customers and solve their pain points using the expertise that I have acquired here. Thanks to SAP, I can have the precious opportunity to travel and be a trusted advisor globally to our clients. The fact that I can make a difference, plus all the positive feedback from customers and managers fuels my daily life and my passion to perform at my best!

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