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Irina Sheftelevich

Senior Solution Architect

Irina's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


I love that SAP is always changing and trying to become a better company.

Irina Sheftelevich


How do you explain your role to your friends?

My friends sometimes think of my job as a Chandler’s job (“Friends” fans will understand!). Usually I will explain that I am supporting sales of software (that helps companies to operate) by explaining the technical part and value of it to the customers.

I am a Senior Solution Architect responsible for several solutions and all the industries in Russia and CIS. So, my work requires working with people from different countries and cultures with companies that have different specifics and business processes. This is always a challenge to refocus and always a way to learn something new.

I was born and raised in Russia, spent my school years in a smaller town but now live in Moscow. I live about 20 min drive from SAP office with a really nice commute along the river, but now I work remotely.

A typical day starts with a nice breakfast (this is my ritual and favourite meal) and then I move to my office (currently my balcony) and start working. First, I review my emails and prioritise them to create a plan for a day. That plan includes a few breaks for food or a walk outside. After work I try spending time with my friends or doing sports, walking or just enjoying a book or TV series.

I joined SAP as a Presales Associate and attended the SAP Academy for Presales. This meant I spent my first six months in SAP working in a really cool multinational environment in sunny California. I got back and became part of Analytics Presales responsible for planning. Then grew in this sphere getting more solutions, knowledge and responsibilities along the way.

It is the people and results that excite me about my role. I enjoy seeing how our customers implement SAP solutions. I am responsible for and share the results achieved and the values they got from SAP solutions. I appreciate the collaborative atmosphere in my team and I'm thankful for the opportunity to engage with diverse people, challenging new topics and solutions in my daily job.

I first heard about SAP when I was at school from a cousin who got a job with an SAP partner organization in Israel, and was super excited about it. From that moment on I started to realise that SAP is all around in my daily life. My parents work with SAP systems every day and when studying computer science and economics I heard a lot about SAP in my classes as well. Moreover, the SAP office was just 10 minutes away from my university. So, I was checking opportunities with SAP for a while when I saw the Presales Academy position and decided to apply. The position itself was very tempting. Six months in California with people from different countries sounded like a nice opportunity to take.

I measure success by personal satisfaction. When I am happy with the work I do, with the way I spent my day and the results I bring to a company. And, when I'm happy doing my job, other things come along like an appreciation from the colleagues and new opportunities. I love that SAP is always changing and trying to become a better company. I believe, this process is key for individual and our  company’s growth.

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