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Elizabeth Malmberg

Account Executive, Barcelona

Elisabeth's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


SAP encourages their employees to aim high and follow their dreams. With so many possibilities in the same company, I feel that I will hopefully be staying at SAP for a long time!

Elizabeth Malmberg
Account Executive
Barcelona, Spain

For Elizabeth, success means being challenged and happy in her personal and professional life. When she began as an Early Talent a year and a half ago, she quickly noticed the level of flexibility that she had while working at SAP.

Based in Barcelona, Elizabeth is an Account Executive for new midmarket customers in Sweden. Her responsibilities include a mixture of relationship building, marketing, sales, consulting, and finding new customers!

"Since I have been here, I am extremely impressed to have such a modern and young culture here at SAP!"

While doing her Master’s degree in Business, she was supposed to do a half-year internship. She saw SAP’s offer for the Sales Academy and gathered the courage to try something new. During that internship, she was part of the solution team for six months and then continued as an Early Talent for the Nordic region for four months, where she was offered the Account Executive position.

An international mindset is no stranger to Elizabeth. She was born in a Swedish town called Norrköping and grew up in Stockholm. Her mother is from Moscow, so Elizabeth had her first experience living abroad in Russia for a few years when she was very young. Her parents eventually moved to Barcelona when she was a teenager and despite going back and forth between Barcelona, Stockholm, and even the United Kingdom for the past nine years, she settled in Barcelona two years ago, where she is based.

For Elizabeth, working out of the SAP office in Barcelona exemplifies the Company’s support for a progressive work-life balance. They organize after-work sports activities, breakfasts at work, and foster a strong community inside and outside the office. Because she is allowed a flexible work schedule, she can work from home on preferred days and can set her own schedule.

In her free time, Elizabeth hangs out with family and friends, going to the gym, cooking, teaching children how to swim, and traveling! Her EVP mosaic photos reflect her diverse and rich life: "I chose to showcase these pictures based on memories and hobbies. The ‘tree photo’ is from my first visit to the United States. I was fascinated by the inspiring size of the trees. My first trip to the U.S. also marked a big step in my life as it was a goal of mine to visit and I will always remember the trip I had on behalf of the SAP Sales Academy. Water has always had a significant meaning for me, so, therefore, the second photo is of me sailing. Sailing is a passion of mine and where I find myself at peace. I enjoy sailing with my father and when I am on a boat, I am the happiest and most relaxed."

This intangible satisfaction of personal and professional life is exactly the kind of success that Elizabeth imagines it to be.

During the time Elizabeth has spent at SAP, she still fondly remembers closing her first deal. Originally coming from a non-sales background, she felt particularly proud to prove to herself that she could learn and be successful in a new field. Thanks to her constant curiosity, open-mind, and determination, Elizabeth’s leap into the world of sales continues to open doors for her and bring her further personal and professional development.

"SAP encourages its employees to aim high and follow their dreams. With so many possibilities in the same company, I feel that I will hopefully be staying at SAP for a long time!"

When asking Elizabeth if she had a message to people thinking about starting their career at SAP, she said, "Never give up and always stay curious. Don’t think of SAP as a typical multinational company, see it as a startup environment. If you are ready to work hard, you will be rewarded."

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