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Mohamed Abdel Hadi

Vice President Product Management & Strategy Data Warehouse

Mohamed's Story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.


What I really value at SAP is that people take the time to notice your interests, your skills, and your talents to help you find a place to channel them in a way that has impact for you and the company.

Mohamed Abdel Hadi

What runs the world? Data.

At SAP, we deal with data all day long. When leveraged strategically, data can create game changing capabilities for organizations. By turning data into intelligent insights, our customers can confidently make decisions for their business – to increase profitability, run sustainably and improve employee and consumer satisfaction.

Mohamed Abdel Hadi, also known as Mo, is an expert in data. As Vice President for SAP Product Management & Strategy Data Warehouse, Mo is responsible for the company’s entire Cloud and On-Premise Portfolio.

His passion for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) lies in its flexibility and power to unlock business value in a people-driven way.

“At SAP, you’ll solve some of the world’s hardest problems and discover never-before-seen ways to improve the quality of life for people everywhere,” says Mo. “Unleashing the data driven business requires data democratization. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, we empower business users to collaborate in business terms.”

Mo is a pioneer in the industry and has worked on analytics and data warehousing at SAP for over 13 years. With his background, he provides technical, market and customer-focused vision for new products and technology-driven development projects. Leading a global team, he is focused on delivering best-in-class analytics and data warehousing products to customers and strengthening SAP’s position in the converging data and analytics markets.

A question Mo often gets from customers who want to make sense of their data is: “Where do I begin?”

“A crucial step in data, and often the most challenging, is data management – the process of collecting, normalizing, storing, securing, and using it to help you proactively plan and predict,” he shares. And SAP’s Data Warehouse Cloud plays a key role in data management.

Mo explains how companies are looking for a platform where they can extend their processes and services to integrate their own applications. SAP’s Data Warehouse Cloud acts as a central point in the business technology platform. It enables companies to gleam insights from their backend systems as well as from other platforms outside of the SAP ecosystem. By acting as a centralized single source of truth, it supports collaborative data-driven decision making across different parts of a business.

“Bringing data back to the business and creating a data-driven culture; these are important steps in our customers’ digital transformation journeys, and I am proud to help companies realize this because of SAP’s product and a strong team,” says Mo. “What’s next is collaboration in the data platform. Extending collaboration between different lines of business. This is the future of data warehousing.”

His work may revolve around data, but it is people that motivates Mo every day. On this front, he has found kinship at SAP.

“What I really value at SAP is that people take the time to notice your interests, your skills, and your talents to help you find a place to channel them in a way that has impact for you and the company,” he shares.

At SAP, collaboration drives innovation. When SAP developed Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC), it was a perfect opportunity for Mo to work together with Iver van de Zand, Vice President of Product Strategy for Augmented Business Intelligence, and his team. A seamless product integration and a newly formed friendship quickly followed.

When you first meet them, Mo and Iver couldn’t appear more different. Mo is gregarious, outgoing and enjoys performing magic tricks for his friends or challenging them to a game of table tennis. Iver is more reserved. He is an author and social media influencer that chooses his words carefully before he speaks. Despite the differences, they recognize each other’s unique strengths and make it a point to connect over their shared passion. It’s this collaboration that makes SAP and our people stronger.

Mo says, “We must always drive innovation. And we can all do this together.”

We build breakthroughs, together.

Global issues require global solutions — solutions that require breaking through the technological, geopolitical and societal barriers that get in the way of progress. That’s why at SAP, we don’t accept those barriers. It’s why we work together, putting our differences and egos aside and uniting as one to move businesses and economies forward for a better tomorrow.

Meet Iver, Mo’s colleague who he shares a passion for analytics. Iver is Vice President Product & Solution Management in Business Intelligence.

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