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How We Run

What is SAP culture? The best way to describe it is through our How We Run behaviors – 5 simple principles that give us purpose and help us achieve our goals. They are: tell it like it is, stay curious, embrace differences, keep the promise, and build bridges – not silos. At all SAP locations, our employees know what we stand for. Ask any of us, and we’ll tell you exactly how we run. 

What is “How We Run”?

"How We Run is a set of behaviors that describe how we get things done at SAP on our best day – when everything is running as it should. It explains SAP’s unique and special culture, and gives us direction for making decisions in our work every day."

Amalia della Paolera
New York

How We Run behaviors


We build trust by being honest and authentic. We are professional and constructive – and we create platforms where people can openly exchange ideas.

  • Listen. Really listen.
  • Put the facts front and center.
  • Bring suggestions to the table along with opinions.
  • Share your point of view, discuss openly, and support the outcome.

Paola tells it like it is

“One weekend, my daughter Anna asked if she could help me with my job. I was preparing a video for SAP S/4HANA, and my goal was to explain the topic in a very easy way – so easy that a child could understand it. After my explanation Anna made a drawing, and the result is this photo. I tell it like it is.”

Paola Polini

Jessica tells it like it is

“I tell it like it is at home, in the office, on my boat, and at the rink. In sharing my many thoughts and ideas, whether popular or not, I am always trying to make a positive impact on those around me.”

Jessica Meschino


We never stop pushing boundaries of what our solutions can do for people and for the world. We are always improving and adapting to stay ahead.

  • Be willing to see change as a chance.
  • Innovate without fear of failure.
  • Be humble and never stop learning. Ideas come from everywhere.

Marcio stays curious

“One day, I came across a book called ‘The Back of the Napkin,’ and it encouraged me to do presentations in a different way. From that moment, I started to apply my childhood drawing skills to my presentations at SAP – and some have had more than 3,000 views.”

Marcio Leoni

Allen stays curious

“To me, staying curious means being willing to change – willing to leave your comfort zone. I started my SAP journey as a support engineer, and now I’m a compliance coordinator and quality manager. I stay curious, and I keep my mind open to new ideas.”

Allen Wang


We are a diverse and global team. All of us have unique skills and experiences that create value for our customers.

  • Create a supportive environment where everyone can be themselves.
  • Look for a point of view you haven't heard yet.
  • Try to understand where others are coming from. Trust that their intentions are positive.

Reina embraces differences

“I'm half American and half Japanese, but I was born and raised in Japan. Going to an international school with my mixed background led me to embrace differences.”

Reina Chelberg

Andy embraces differences

“I’ve learned a lot in my career, but never as much as when I move to a new country with a new culture. I’ve been lucky enough to work for SAP in Europe and North America. It’s a constant reminder to me that the differences between us are our real strength.”

Andy Cobbold


We have a long history of solving complex business challenges. That's why our customers trust us. We work as one team to constantly earn this trust, delivering the best outcome in the simplest way possible.

  • Be reliable. Say what you'll do and do what you say.
  • Listen with empathy to customers’ challenges and goals.
  • Take accountability for delivering the results customers need.

Javier keeps his promises

“I strongly believe in trusting people and their good intentions. I think all human beings want to trust one another, but sometimes the world doesn’t make it easy. My way to endorse trust and honesty is to keep my own promises.”

Javier Menendez Calvo

Cindy keeps her promises

“I'm very trustworthy. I keep my promises and I don't let ego get in the way. I am a do-er who gets things done. I'm currently moving to a new role on the SAP Digital team, and I'm looking forward to taking on new challenges and building trust with this dynamic group.”

Cindy McKendry


We put egos aside and work as a team towards a common vision. The competition is outside, not inside.

  • Respect expertise and execution, not just titles.
  • Succeed together. Fail together. No matter what, stick up for each other.
  • Be willing to help and be generous with your knowledge and connections.

Uwe builds bridges

“As head of Cloud Product Support for SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Cloud for Customer, and our sports solutions, I make it a priority to build bridges to all departments involved in service delivery. This makes organizational boundaries invisible to our customers.”

Uwe Wieditz

Caroline builds bridges

“Growing up as a military brat, I’ve lived in many cultures and always sought out common ground to build connection and community. The world is becoming smaller, and for me marketing is about creating connections where none existed. I love helping people connect new dots.”

Caroline Kohout

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