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Innovation and Advisory Services

Choose a fast, low-risk, and adaptable approach to driving business transformation

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Determine how intelligent technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain can be applied to your business to create new business models and drive growth – with SAP Innovation Services. From ideation to deployment, we can help you bring your innovation strategies to life. 

Explore SAP Innovation Services

Our business and IT experts will help you define your innovation path through our multifaceted, flexible approach, looking at the feasibility and scalability of your solution.
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Exploration Services

Explore the possibilities of leading-edge technologies and discover how to apply them to your business.

  • Explore ideas through design thinking workshops
  • Discover which technologies can best address your needs 
  • Gain additional insights through user research in the field or office environment
  • The result? A clearly defined idea or use case to pursue further
Image of lightbulbs illustrating innovation ignited with the help of SAP Leonardo Services

Reimagination Services

Refine your idea with a detailed assessment of its value and viability, then build a clickable prototype. 

  • Identify industry, channel, and customer opportunities
  • Filter ideas based on a high-level business case and technical feasibility 
  • Refine and rationalize ideas and develop them into detailed concepts 
  • Build an initial prototype and a detailed plan for a functional prototype
Image of numbers representing prototype design with SAP Leonardo Services

Create Services

    Build a functional prototype and prepare for a live pilot through a series of iterative sprints.

  • Define technical and operating models
  • Devise an integration plan for your core technology landscape and business operations 
  • Determine pilot locations 
  • Build or assemble solutions to be piloted in a live environment
Image of a hand pushing a button depicting pilots enabled by SAP Leonardo Services

Validation Services

Validate your business and technical solution with a pilot in a live environment and prepare for deployment.

  • Deploy a working technology model in a live environment in select markets or locations
  • Validate assumptions made earlier in the innovation cycle  
  • Monitor pilot success and modify the solution as needed to prepare for scaled rollout


Image of a rocket ship illustrating the ability to scale and transform business with SAP Leonardo Services

Scalability and Transformation Services

Scale your solution across your business and geographies to deliver the broadest business impact.
  • Implement findings from the validation services
  • Deploy solutions at scale across markets and locations
  • Monitor impact to help deliver on consumer and commercial expectations

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