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SAP HANA version 1.0 SPS12

What’s new in SAP HANA version SPS 12?

Get an overview of all the new features and use cases introduced in the latest service pack stack (SPS 12). Watch this 6-minute SAP HANA Academy video for details.

SPS 12: Database Enhancements

Administration and security

Lower the risks of innovation adoption with workload capture and relay capabilities that simulate actual production workloads on test systems. Prioritize specific tasks, such as monthly closing, by enabling or disabling workload classes and constraints. And improve data security with enhanced authorisation troubleshooting and simplified key management.

High availability and disaster recovery

Achieve near zero downtime with new move capabilities for tenants and clones databases, audit logging for cross-tenant scenarios, and access to granular information for systems monitoring. Plus, choose from more flexible options for replication and configuration, as well as data loading from backup snapshots if network throughput is sub-optimal. 

SPS 12: Data Processing Enhancements

Graph data processing

Add a relationship dimension to your business data. Take advantage of ready-to-use graph transversal algorithms, as well as intuitive modelling and visualisation tools that make it easier to extract insights from hyper-connected data. 

Text analytics and mining

Get more out of your text data with direct access to a text-mining index. Now you can capture the frequency of terms used in documents and zero-in on multi-word concepts – e.g. “fast food” or “retirement home” – for greater precision.

Spatial data processing

Support spatial data types – and build spatial algorithms – with our new application functional modeler (AFM). Automatically import common reference systems and integrate with third-party geospatial tools to simplify your spatial deployments. 

SPS 12: Application Services and Development Tools Enhancements

Industry standard support

Choose from additional runtimes, such as JavaScript (Node.js) and Java on Apache TomEE/Tomcat. Avoid re-deploying them upon each service startup with partial runtime downloads. And leverage expanded support for standard code management tools, including improved workflow for Git approvals and code reviews.

Development tools

Streamline testing in our SAP HANA development environment. Analyse dependencies among objects with cross-object impact analysis and lineage analysis. And easily extend your applications with core data services (CDS) artifacts – now supported in both SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA and SAP PowerDesigner.

SPS 12: Data Integration and Quality Enhancements

Data integration

Access data from a broader range of systems with new adapters for Google+, Informix, and e-mail files. In this release, you can also mask sensitive data during extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes to ensure compliance with data privacy and protection policies.

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