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SAP Workflow Management

SAP Workflow Management

Improve the ROI of your enterprise applications. With the SAP Workflow Management service, you can automate your workflow processes with full-featured enterprise capabilities.

Increase automation

digitalise semi-automated and manual flows that precede or follow enterprise application transactions.

Extend standard processes

Extend existing workflow processes in applications and across enterprise systems that run on premise and in the cloud.

Adapt to changing requirements

Configure live workflows and managing process variants to satisfy changing business needs.

Manage process outcomes

Monitor process metrics in real time and help ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

SAP Process Automation

Replace iRPA with a combined no-code solution for workflow management and RPA

Why choose SAP Workflow Management

Enhance the capabilities of your enterprise applications for better workflow process outcomes, drive process efficiency and flexibility, and help ensure compliant workflows.

A comprehensive workflow solution

Govern workflows and business rules, support variant configuration and management, and improve process visibility across applications.

Support for workflows across hybrid environments

Deliver in-app extensibility, side-by-side extensions, and cross-functional workflow processes spanning multiple applications and systems on premise and in the cloud.

Predefined process content packages

Discover, configure, and manage processes and decision-making with standard workflows, business rules, process visibility dashboards, and user interfaces.

Enablement of SAP Business Technology Platform

Benefit from a smooth integration between enterprise applications and complementary process automation technologies from SAP and partners.

Process automation solutions available on SAP Business Technology Platform

Leverage multiple process automation capabilities that address different automation needs. Through SAP Business Technology Platform, you gain complementary and integrated offerings that help avoid the challenges of using a patchwork of various capabilities from multiple vendors.

SAP Workflow Management

With the SAP Workflow Management service, you can digitalise structured processes with workflows and decision logic. 

  • Workflow: digitalise workflows and automate and orchestrate structured processes tailored to business needs.
  • Business rules: Automate and flexibly adapt decision logic in your processes and independently of application development.
  • Process visibility: Provide process participants with real-time, event-driven visibility into end-to-end processes and process instances.
  • Live process content packages: Extend standard processes flexibly in SAP applications with predefined live process content packages – without IT help or change management projects.
  • Process flexibility: Enable line-of-business experts to discover, configure, and manage process variants, decision logic, and process visibility dashboards by using a low- or no-code approach.
  • One inbox: Provide users with a centralised digital inbox, which acts as a single entry point for assigned workflow items and approvals

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

With SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services, you can automate repetitive manual tasks within process flows by mimicking user interactions with the systems​.

  • Attended bots: Improve user productivity by automating repetitive manual tasks within a process.
  • Unattended bots: Automate the execution of manual processes that do not require intermittent decision-making from start to finish.
  • Cloud studio: Benefit from a simple and browser-based low- or no-code bot building experience with a drag-and-drop editor and event-based capture for bot building.
  • Prepackaged content: Take advantage of bot templates and connectors for SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, and cross-application scenarios, including SAP and third-party systems.
  • Cloud factory: Orchestrate, manage, and define triggers and execution modes and monitor software bots.

Advantages of SAP Workflow Management

Make the most of your existing enterprise application investments while shaping your processes to deliver the best possible results in times of rapid change.

Increase operational efficiency

Close process gaps and tailor processes to meet your changing business requirements.

Drive process innovation

Simplify and increase the use of your enterprise applications with intuitive workflow applications.

Improve business agility

Gain the flexibility to tailor processes to operational needs, support new business model innovations, and build resilience.

Boost operational excellence

Help ensure compliance with policies and regulations through clear responsibilities and digital audit trails.

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Deliver greater value from your packaged applications

Find out how combining packaged applications with process automation technologies enables you to improve, automate, optimise, and transform your business processes.

Community and Events

Workflow management community

Find expert content and documentation, try a starter scenario, ask questions, or read the latest blog posts about SAP Worklow Management. 

SAP Discovery Center

Visit our discovery centre portal to explore SAP Workflow Management, access pricing information, and start your first mission.

Webcast series on hyperautomation

Gain access to a keynote, hands-on workshops, and guided demos to learn how to go beyond packaged enterprise applications to handle process and task automation needs.

openSAP course

Learn how to create a workflow from scratch, configure a process template for reuse, accelerate your project with predefined process content packages and much more to extent your business processes running in SAP applications

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