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SAP IQ System Requirements

View technical information documentation to implement, manage, and configure SAP IQ.

Database Administration

Learn how to start and connect to databases, create and manage databases, index columns, manage data storage, and administer tables and views.

DBA Cockpit

Find out how to administer SAP IQ in an SAP environment with guidelines from SAP and references to additonal documentation.

Performance and tuning

Learn how to configure your hardware, design your schema, tune your database, structure queries for improved performance, and troubleshoot performance issues.

SAP IQ basics

Introduce yourself to the fundamental concepts and components of the software and explore other documentation, such as guides and online resources.

First steps

Discover the steps you should take to get started after installing the software and review specific tasks in the our extensive comprehensive documentation.

Video tutorials

View step-by-step videos designed by our experts and to learn how to set up, configure, and administer your SAP IQ server.

Sizing guide

Review the key challenges you must address when sizing an SAP IQ environment.


Explore our holistic approach to protecting your data privacy, transparency, and audit controls across the cloud architecture.

Data storage

Protect your data across the stack with strong AES-256 encryption, global auditing, improved multitenancy, and SOC 2 compliance.

Data centre facilities

Explore our geographically dispersed data centres – from bulletproof walls and biometrics to ANSI/TIAEIA-942 Tier III+ facilities.

User management and security

Learn how to protect your database by implementing and administering role-based security and external authentication features.

Deployment Options

Private Cloud

Select the right cloud option for your business and run and manage cloud services for internal users behind your firewall.

Public Cloud

Consume software as a service (SaaS) and benefit from end-to-end services including security handing and updates.

Hybrid Landscape

Combine SAP cloud offerings with your existing on-premise business system in a configuration that meets your business needs.



Discover how you can use Hadoop to filter a large set of data into a smaller set for deeper analysis in SAP IQ. 



Learn how developers can build and deploy SAP IQ database applications.

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