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Saņemiet palīdzību tiešsaistē un tērzējiet ar SAP pārstāvi.
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Product Lifecycle Management

Design individualized products faster and move toward mass customisation – with product lifecycle management (PLM) software from SAP.


See how becoming an intelligent enterprise can help you build resilience and succeed in times of crisis and recovery.

Siemens and SAP join forces for industrial transformation

Find out how Siemens and SAP are partnering to deliver integrated end-to-end product lifecycle, supply chain, and asset management solutions.

Innovating to thrive

Learn how R&D executives drive supply chain excellence in a report by Oxford Economics.

Design to customer demand and product individualization

Enable faster and better decisions on product design to meet highly variable and individualized customer requirements with SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM).

SAP Portfolio and Project Management

Support flexible and new product development processes – and speed time to market – with our project portfolio management software.


Comprehensive portfolio management

Submit project proposals, prioritize them within the current project portfolio, and monitor and review their progress.

Project management

Manage projects, tasks, and timelines while identifying critical paths, assigning resources, and tracking progress.

Resource management and optimisation

Find the right mix of available resources and then deploy them as needed to avoid project bottlenecks.

SAP Commercial Project Management

Help your teams plan and manage projects, whether they are in the same building or halfway around the world.


Shared project workspace

Access and share real-time project data from a single point, and use embedded analytics to quickly generate status reports.  

Project cost and revenue planning

Improve the accuracy of product estimates, plans, and forecasts; determine baseline costs; and plan personnel, materials, and more.  

Project issue and change management

Automate key processes and efficiently manage issues and change requests to improve project outcomes and client satisfaction.  

SAP Product Lifecycle Costing

Get a cost-centered view of the product design and development lifecycle – and determine costs, target price, and profitability.


Product cost calculation and simulation

Support real-time cost calculation using SAP HANA through versioning, what-if simulation, and target costing capabilities.

Data modelling and extensibility

Manage local master data; access multiple costing sheets; and customise attributes, fields, and formulas.  

Comprehensive pricing features

Enable price selection strategies for components and activities, support different currencies, and calculate overhead costs.

Inbound and outbound integration

Export and import data to and from SAP ERP, Microsoft Excel, and other applications using application programming interfaces.

SAP Engineering Control Center

Combine mechanical, electrical, and electronic design data on a single platform and enable cross-discipline collaboration.


Interface for authoring tools

Access material master and bill-of-material data, and adopt user-specific folder structures with drag and drop functionality.

Comprehensive integration features

Use integration technology to support different CAD requirements and data models, while handling files securely. 

Intelligent process support

Provide easy access to all product development information and offer extensive search capabilities.

SAP Intelligent Product Design

Design innovative products faster with instant collaboration, requirement-driven development, and actionable real-time insights.


Collaboration workspaces

Create collaboration workspaces, invite internal and external participants, and use a 3D viewer to facilitate sharing.

Workflow-based collaboration

Use collaboration tools within workflows, and review work items and directly launch shared folders with an integrated inbox.

Instant document access

Upload documents to a collaboration workspace, and then save changes back into the document management system.

SAP S/4HANA for product compliance

Manage regulations, track registrations and substance volumes, classify products, and create compliance labels and documents.


Marketability and compliance functionality

Manage compliance information centrally, satisfy legal and customer requirements, and track volumes of regulated substances. 

Data sheet and label management

Automatically create safety data sheets and labels while integrating printing and shipping with logistics processes.

Dangerous goods management

Centralise information about dangerous goods, automate classification, and conduct integrated checks for dangerous goods.

SAP Project Intelligence Network

Share project information across enterprises to get full visibility in execution.


Project plan coordination

Collaborate on shared project plans by integrating work packages from different sources.

Task and issue management

Manage and share tasks, deliverables, issues, and punch lists to coordinate execution of project work across companies.

Project document control

Track and trace the content delivery process across companies and collect documents and models.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

Learn how SAP is enabling innovation in product lifecycle management

Siemens and SAP partner on industrial transformation

Learn how Siemens and SAP are working together to bring unprecedented innovation to product and asset lifecycle management.

SAP will offer Siemens’ Teamcenter software

Find out how Siemens' Teamcenter software and SAP S/4HANA come together to accelerate digital transformation for discrete and process manufacturers.

Siemens and SAP CEOs discuss the partnership

See how the Siemens and SAP partnership offers an ideal digital thread to break down process silos and design and deliver innovative products productively, profitably, and sustainably.

The physical asset and the digital twin

Benefit from a full digital representation of connected assets along their lifecycle.

Digital twin technologies

Find out how digital twins synchronise the virtual, physical, conditional, and commercial definitions of assets and products in real time to help you accelerate innovation, optimise operating performance conditions, and predict service requirements.

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Tērzēt tūlīt Tērzēt bezsaistē
Saņemiet palīdzību tiešsaistē un tērzējiet ar SAP pārstāvi.
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