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Small and Midsize Business Management Software
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Explore the latest midmarket business trends, research, and insights from transformation experts.

Responding to today’s challenges and shaping the future of your business

To help growing companies get in the transformation mindset, SAP Insights conducted a study of more than 10,500 midsize company leaders across 28 industries and 41 countries to find out how they’re transforming to drive revenue, efficiency, and innovation. Explore the Transformation Mindset reports below, based on findings for specific industries and job functions.

Bonus report: Sustainability as Strategy for Growth

Get research-based insights into the progress, challenges, and opportunities for midsize companies tackling sustainability goals. This SAP Insights report includes a link to an on-demand discussion on making your business more sustainable to increase long-term profit and satisfy consumers’ growing appetite for sustainably produced goods and services.

Innovating together with SAP

Whether you’re looking for perspective from someone who’s tackled a similar problem or looking for inspiration and innovation from a different point of view, SAP has you covered. Explore the tracks below to find the best content from our team of experts, customers, and partners to help your business run at its best.

Hear from Scott Russell, SAP Customer Success Officer and Executive Board Member

Discover how midsize customers can compete in today's market by digitalising mission-critical processes to operate at scale and speed.

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Get the latest news about small and midsize business management

Christina Grace
Finance Value Advisor, SAP
How To Turn Mergers And Acquisitions Into A Strategic Bullseye For Midsize Businesses

Optimising potential mergers and acquisitions (M&A) requires the elimination of complexity through automation and standardisation.

Rohit Nagarajan
President, EMEA North, SAP
How Midsize Businesses Can Recover, Grow And Expand With Advanced Technology

Missteps are common and can put at risk the change that could give their business models, processes, and supporting systems the necessary competitive edge.

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