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Design thinking methodology for business innovation

Fast-track business innovation with our agile design thinking methodology. This four-step approach is central to our industry kits and our open innovation services, and takes as little as eight to 10 weeks – resulting in a working prototype and implementation plan.
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1. Explore

Attend a free one-day “explore workshop” with SAP experts. Together we’ll investigate your business challenges and identify opportunities for innovation. Design thinking – a human-centric approach to innovation – is a key part of this first step.

2. Discover

In this second step, SAP experts interview key stakeholders and shadow your end users to gain an in-depth understanding of your business challenges. This deep dive uncovers valuable information and insights to help inform your solution design.

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3. Design and Prototype

In step three, our team uses a cloud-based rapid prototyping tool and the latest technologies to draft a working solution. Together, we collect user feedback to continuously refine the prototype until we have the final experience nailed down.

4. Deliver

At the end of the engagement, you’ll have a working, validated prototype running on SAP Cloud Platform – as well as an IT transformation strategy and road map to deploy your solution. Or if you prefer, we can take care of implementation for you.  

Put your people at the centre of your transformation

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Design thinking and digital transformation

Learn more about our design thinking process – including how it uncovers and solves unmet end user needs. Use this human-centric approach to shape digital business models, improve business process modelling, and guide your transformation journey.

Choose a leader in design-led innovation

SAP has joined the ranks of Apple, P&G, and other award-winning design thinkers.

Since 2004, SAP has used a customer-centric, design thinking approach to solution development – and has co-invested with our customers to identify and solve pressing business challenges. We’ve received numerous awards for this design-led approach – and we work hard to reinvent business and co-innovate with our customers. Not the SAP you know? It’s time to get reacquainted.

See how customers succeed with design thinking methodology

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