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Build a dynamic customer data foundation

Our customer data management solutions can help you turn unknown visitors into known, loyal customers and deliver trusted, hyper-personalised experiences.

SAP Customer Data Platform

Activate rich customer insights to deliver hyper-personalised experiences in real time, while honoring the data’s purpose.

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management for B2C

Identify customers and deliver exceptional digital experiences that adapt to their behaviours seamlessly.

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management for B2B

Optimise B2B value networks by speeding time to market, simplifying identity lifecycle management, and mitigating risks.

SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management

Build customer trust and protect your business by addressing GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations.

Personalise engagements to strengthen relationships

Deliver seamless experiences, build trust, and activate insights for omnichannel
engagement in B2C and B2B relationships.

  • Boost customer lifetime value with hyper-personalised online and in-store experiences across all touch points
  • Turn anonymous online visitors into known, loyal customers through CIAM solutions
  • Optimise B2B value networks by speeding time to market, simplifying identity lifecycle management, and mitigating risks
  • Build trust while addressing GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations with enterprise consent and preference management

We chose SAP Customer Data Cloud because it offered the most comprehensive and ideal solution on the market. Especially in order to build on a multi-app platform and use microservices that can be transferred multiple times to different apps and use cases.

Roberto Fedele, CIO, Valora Group Watch the video

Strengthen customer trust in the era of GDPR, CCPA, and beyond

Meet global data privacy requirements and build customer trust by offering
transparency and personal data control.    

  • Maintain proof of how, when, where, and why you collect and process customer data
  • Implement a holistic solution for managing customer profiles, preferences, and consent
  • Address many of the toughest requirements of consumer data privacy regulations
  • Provide transparency into how you collect and use customers’ personal data

Take a customer-centric approach to global data privacy

Discover the foundations of a global consumer data privacy strategy that can strengthen customer trust and ensure compliance with individual consumer data privacy regulations.    

Address key requirements for GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD

Learn how new data privacy laws are changing the rules when it comes to how businesses can collect and process customer data.

See how BCD Travel provides personalised service and support

Find out how BCD Travel addresses GDPR requirements for customer data management and empowers customers to manage their own experiences.

What are experts and analysts saying about customer data solutions from SAP?

Forrester: SAP is a leader in CIAM solutions

See why SAP is named a CIAM leader in the Forrester Wave™: Customer Identity and Access Management, Q4 2020 report.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Customer Data Cloud

SAP Customer Data Cloud Resource Center

2019 predictions for customer data management

Get a breakdown of the hottest trends, biggest roadblocks, and most tantalizing opportunities facing the customer data management market.

Get started with customer data solutions from SAP

  • View how-to videos on using software features and functions
  • Watch webinars and attend expert events for the latest updates, insights, and advice
  • Get information about our releases, service availability, and cloud support

Follow the learning journey for SAP Customer Data Cloud

Find the best training and certification for you and your team using our visual learning guides. Plan your learning journey to get started quickly.

SAP Customer Experience Services

Transform your business faster with services and support from SAP.

Get an overview of services for SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions and discover how we can help you address key aspects of your project, enforce best practices, and set up your own operations for ongoing success.

Explore the partner ecosystem for SAP Customer Data Cloud

Benefit from specialist expertise to guide your SAP Customer Data Cloud project. SAP Customer Experience solution partners provide the service and support you need to meet your enterprise goals.

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