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Create a project budget

Explore the cost of your SAP Cloud Platform use case.

SAP Cloud Platform brief

Build applications to meet needs quickly and economically.

SAP Cloud Platform in the garage

Discover cloud innovations in a virtual learning series.

Technical Guidelines and Best Practices

View technical information and documentation for implementing, managing, and configuring SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform documentation

Find all the SAP Cloud Platform documentation you require in one central location, including capability information, release notes, road maps, and more.

Planning and lifecycle management guide

Plan and set up your landscape and lifecycle management for running applications with best practices for planning development projects.

Account administration and application operations guides

Learn how to manage and configure global accounts and subaccounts, as well as how to operate your applications in different environments.

Feature scope description

Read the feature scope description for SAP Cloud Platform to see all services available in the cloud.

Region and Service Portfolio

SAP Cloud Platform is available in many regions around the globe. Choose between data centres hosted by SAP and those run by partner infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers.


Explore SAP Cloud Platform regions and service portfolio

Get an overview of the availability of SAP Cloud Platform services according to region, infrastructure provider, and release status.

Release Notes

Discover what's new in SAP Cloud Platform

Be the first to hear about new features introduced in SAP Cloud Platform, as well as updates to existing services.

A fingerprint


Learn how SAP Cloud Platform meets the highest standards for trust, security, and compliance.

Identity authentication security

Explore the security features of SAP Cloud Platform in the Cloud Foundry and Neo environments.

Security principles and possibilities

Gain a better understanding of how SAP Cloud Platform approaches access, data, and infrastructure security.

SAP Trust Center

Feel safe focusing on your business, while SAP helps ensure compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data centre.

Development and Integration

Simplify solution implementation and integration by referring to detailed descriptions, requirements, and steps.

Develop and run business applications

Optimise your use of SAP Cloud Platform with our application programming models, APIs, services, tools, and capabilities.

Apply DevOps with ease and efficiency

Benefit from enterprise-ready offerings to foster DevOps principles for developing and operating your cloud-native and hybrid apps.

Integrate hyperscalers

Provision and consume native Hyperscaler services with SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform, single tenant edition

Private cloud with SAP Cloud Platform

Garner total control of your data with this private cloud offering to meet protection and regulatory requirements while developing cloud-native, next-gen applications. Leverage a dedicated and isolated environment provisioned just for your organisation - managed by trusted partners.

  • Meet your data privacy and regulatory requirements with a dedicated and isolated cloud.
  • Leverage an open-standard platform with enterprise-grade business and application services.
  • Access managed services for specific regions as well as innovation accelerators and industry expertise

Partner with IBM

Access your private cloud on IBM Cloud datacenters with capabilities like SAP S/4HANA extensions, data-driven SAP HANA apps, and integration with IBM Watson services. Ensure regulated industries are addressed.

Partner with Atos

Access your private cloud with Atos Codex data and analytics service portfolio. Enable businesses to build analytic accelerators and offer new differentiating customer experiences and services. 

Extend the Intelligent Suite

Find out how you can extend and enhance your solutions to support business processes enterprise-wide.

SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory

Develop extension apps securely and implement additional workflows on top of your existing cloud solutions.

SAP Ariba solutions

Develop loosely coupled extension applications to implement additional workflows or modules on top of SAP Ariba solutions.


Follow configuration tasks needed to integrate SAP Cloud Platform with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and its extension applications.

SAP SuccessFactors solutions

Extend SAP SuccessFactors solutions to broaden their capabilities with applications running on SAP Cloud Platform.

A wrench

Developer Resources

Leverage an open platform designed to help you innovate, integrate, and extend your applications. Use one platform to create intelligent, mobile-ready applications to better serve your customers, modernize business processes, and compete effectively. Our multicloud foundation lets you leverage the latest cloud-native technologies and benefit from major hyperscaler infrastructures. Get started with your free developer trial, step-by-step tutorials, resources, and community support.

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