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Business Technology Platform Channel: June 18
Using Data to Overcome Today’s Business Challenges

The Stranded Fly Home in the Cloud

Learn how SAP built an emergency repatriation platform for Germany’s Foreign Ministry in just 24 hours.

Create a project budget

Explore the cost of your SAP Cloud Platform use case.

Pricing and Packaging

SAP Cloud Platform enables one easy customer experience for finding, trying, buying, and consuming cloud services via a consumption-based commercial model.

Simplified access to services

Gain access to all available SAP Cloud Platform services via one SKU with cloud credits on SAP Cloud Platform.

Ability to scale usage

Easily scale services up and down based on your business requirements. SAP tracks, reports, and predicts your usage.

Flexible service subscriptions

Subscribe only to the services you need with the fixed subscription-based commercial model.

Select the option that meets your needs



Register for a free trial account with SAP Cloud Platform and get started with a shared environment quickly and easily.


  • Learn how to create cloud apps
  • Access a comprehensive set of platform services
  • Get early access to beta functionality
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Consumption-based pricing

Custom price

Configure and scale cloud services with business agility by accessing eligible services and simplified engagement instantly.

What’s included:

  • Use eligible services without a new contract
  • Prepay consumption of services with credits
  • Renew your subscription at the end of the period
  • Pay in advance when cloud credits are used up
  • Add credits to your cloud account multiple times during a single consumption period
Use the estimator tool
Subscription-based pricing

Custom price

Receive a fixed price and length for access to subscribed services to consume and configure them as your business requires. This option is available for select services.

What’s included:

  • Modify your contract to access more services
  • Pay a fixed cost, regardless of consumption
  • Pay in advance when the contract period starts
  • Renew the subscription at the end of the period
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*can be multiple times during consumption period
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