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Create a project budget

Explore the cost of your SAP Cloud Platform use case.

SAP Cloud Platform brief

Build applications to meet needs quickly and economically.

SAP Cloud Platform in the garage

Discover cloud innovations in a virtual learning series.

SAP Cloud Platform Capabilities

SAP Cloud Platform provides a rich set of services, tools, APIs and applications that help you integrate and extend your solutions, optimise your business processes and create an engaging digital experience.



Integration Suite

Integrate on-prem and cloud applications at scale, while securely connecting processes, data, people and devices.


Built for innovation

Win in the experience economy with technology built to connect experience and operational data together to provide intelligent solutions quickly.

Guidance and automation

Scale integrations and reduce complexity with machine learning technology and SAP-supported industry best practices.

Integration catalogue and sandbox

Discover, manage, and consume a library of APIs, events, and integration content from a central hub and sandbox environment.

Enterprise Extensions

Extend the business logic of SAP solutions to fit your enterprise needs using a decoupled, side-by-side approach.


Secure connections

Connect to SAP solutions securely and easily with built-in capabilities, exposed APIs, and events.

Efficient development

Focus development efforts on the domain-specific needs of the enterprise, with guidance from programming models, libraries, and tools.

Rapid deployment

Deploy extension applications in your chosen runtime, including a cloud-based ABAP environment or application runtime for your preferred programming language.

Intelligent Business Process Management

Empower organisations to discover and improve live business processes to maximise efficiency.


Intelligent automation

Automate structured processes, repetitive tasks and decisions.

Process intelligence

Achieve end-to-end visibility and insights into processes.

Business process experiences

See tangible results when optimising and improving business processes.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain impactful and actionable insights to anticipate business outcomes and uncover new opportunities.


Predictive analytics

Embed real-time intelligence and machine learning capabilities into your applications.

Actionable insights

Handle large volumes of structured, unstructured, streaming, and Internet of Things data. 

High-speed applications

Run an always-on digital business with scalable, secure transactional applications.

Digital Experience

Optimise employee engagement and business impact with an intelligent digital workplace.


One platform

Benefit from great breadth and depth of integrated experience services on a single platform.

Single access point

Simplify access to all business applications by providing a consistent, contextual UX with a central entry point.


Securely and easily connect your mobile and web apps to your business back-end.

Platform Foundation

Get your application development capabilities up and running in SAP Cloud Platform.


Protected investments

Keep your application investments up to date for maximum flexibility.

Adaptability and choice

Use a multicloud foundation that embraces all major hyperscalers.

Access to the latest technology

Apply cloud native technologies such as Cloud Foundry to build agile applications. 

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