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SAP Pinnacle Awards

Categories and criteria for 2022

Just like our solutions, partners, and customers, the SAP Pinnacle Awards continually evolve to meet market dynamics. On the 20th anniversary of the awards, we rolled out some exciting enhancements, making 2022 the most customer-centric and inclusive awards ever.

On the Award's 20th Anniversary

In 2022, the SAP Pinnacle Awards have a laser focus on recognising partner performance outcomes and were revised to be even more customer-centric – thereby showcasing the direct value partners bring to customers. By moving away from recognising partners based on their relationship type, solution or line-of-business focus, the enhancements for 2022 make the award categories applicable to the entire SAP partner ecosystem, boosting eligibility and making them the most inclusive ever.

There are a total of 22 awards across three categories – winners were selected based on strict performance criteria, except for the ‘Social Impact’ award, which partners nominated themselves for jury consideration. Browse the 2022 categories and awards below.

Category: Customer Success

Cloud Business Transformation (Delivery Excellence)

With this award SAP recognises partners for successfully transforming their existing as well as new customers to intelligent enterprises by leveraging the RISE with SAP offering. We are particularly rewarding the partners' commitment to the full adoption of RISE with SAP, for instance, a high SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Business Network attach rate and high solution consumption by the end customer. We are also expecting the partners to help ensure sustainable customer success along the full lifecycle and demonstrate high customer satisfaction and renewal rates.

Cloud Business Transformation (Sales Excellence)

This award recognises partners for their exceptional contribution in bringing RISE with SAP to market and transforming our mutual customers' business across multiple business functions such as finance, human experience management, procurement, and supply chain. Utilising the RISE with SAP offering, these partners help our customers adopt an intelligent enterprise and business network strategy to act with agility, flexibility, and speed to address continuously changing business requirements.

Customer Engagement

This award recognises the partner that has exceeded in consistently delivering value to the customer throughout the entire customer lifecycle, ensuring the customer continues to draw value from SAP solutions and that the customer has a positive experience with the product, SAP, and the partner company.

Customer Excellence

This award recognises a partner for its commitment to outstanding customer experience and the delivery of concrete business outcomes, as evidenced through customer reference program innovation and best practice development.

Demand Generation

This award recognises partners that exceeded in generating customer awareness and demand for SAP solutions, resulting in partner-sourced pipeline and deals. Partners should excel by identifying and understanding the customer need, successfully delivering a tailored and customer-specific value proposition or driving innovative demand-generation campaigns and partner offerings.

Delivery Excellence

This award recognises the partner that exceeded in successfully delivering projects with cloud solutions from SAP, enabling the customer to quickly draw value from the investment in SAP software and the partner.

Rising Star

This award recognises a new partner in the SAP ecosystem that has generated significant customer value by identifying and fulfilling customer needs with SAP solutions.

Sales Excellence*

This award recognises the partner that exceeded in understanding the customers' needs and fulfilling those needs with SAP solutions. By sharing the unique value proposition of SAP solutions and the concrete business outcomes to be attained, the partner helped solve customer problems and empowered customers to tackle the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

* The Sales Excellence award has a total of 4 winners and 8 finalists. Winners and finalists were selected based on four customer segments (Small Enterprise, Mid-market, Large Enterprise, and Cross-Segment).

Category: Intelligent Enterprise Innovation

Business Network

This award recognises an SAP partner that has demonstrated a commitment to integrate and provide value-adding services with SAP Business Network, delivering enhanced transparency, agility, and collaboration along end-to-end business processes. From sales and delivery to marketing and innovation, this partner has excelled in delivering greater visibility and insights into our customers’ unified business network.

Business Process Intelligence

This award recognises the partner(s) demonstrating the greatest contribution to advancing market development, solution innovation, and customer success with business process intelligence solutions from SAP.

Industry Cloud

This award recognises the partner with the highest impact on delivering partner-owned industry solutions that complement SAP's industry cloud portfolio.

New Partner Application

This award recognises a new partner for their innovative breakthrough solution, solving a concrete and important customer need and extending the Intelligent Enterprise value proposition.

Partner Application – Industry Cloud

This award recognises a partner-developed innovative industry cloud solution based on the strategic importance for our joint customers in complementing SAP‘s industry cloud portfolio and on the innovative use of SAP Business Technology Platform.

Partner Application – SAP Business Technology Platform

This award recognises innovative use, proven consumption, and customer success with services on SAP Business Technology Platform by a partner application.

Partner Solution Success

This award recognises a partner that has built and delivered a solution to SAP customers that addresses an important customer need and extends SAP's value proposition, as evidenced in customer demand and sales of the solution. The success of the partner solution is a direct reflection of the unique value delivered to SAP customers.

SAP Business Technology Platform

This award recognises partner delivery success, richness of content, and proven consumption for customers using SAP Business Technology Platform.

SAP Store

This award recognises the partner that has shown significant success in developing an innovative solution and successfully deploying and delivering it to customers through the digital marketplace at scale, simplifying the customer's processes and the buying journey.

Category: Sustainability and Social Impact

Social Impact**

Improving the world and leveraging the power of business to make a difference is at the core of SAP's mission and that of our ecosystem. This award recognises the partner that has shown dedication and concrete results in creating a lasting positive impact through social impact initiatives or through the power of innovation.


Intelligent enterprises are sustainable enterprises. This award recognises partners who have made sustainability an integral component of their business transformation services and are front-runners to adopt SAP's growing portfolio of sustainability solutions. Also, they have a clear, measurable, and publicly committed path toward becoming a sustainable business themselves.

** Open for partner nomination January 10, 2022-February 28, 2022


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