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Prepare an Amazon Web Services account for setting up ABAP on-premise system

By Philipp Stehle

Learn how to prepare AWS account on which ABAP on-premise system image is installed next


You will learn

How to prepare an Amazon Web Services account on which you will setup an ABAP on-premise system later on.

Step 1: Identity and Access Management
  1. Navigate to and sign up for an AWS account if you don’t have one already

  2. Navigate into the AWS management console
    AWS Management Console

  3. In the AWS console, enter the Identity and Access Management section (IAM section)
    Identity and Access Management section

Step 2: Create new AWS user
  1. Create an AWS user, e.g. called sap_cal_user and download the access key and secret key of this user. These credentials you need to provide later on in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library in order to be able to access the AWS instance
    Create AWS user

  2. Enter the user name
    AWS Username

  3. Download the credentials and click on ‘Close’
    Download AWS Credentials

Step 3: Create new AWS group
  1. Create a group, e.g. called sap_cal_group
    Create group

  2. Select Administrator Access as Policy Template for the newly created group. This will assign administrator permissions to the group.
    Administrator Access Policy Step 1
    Administrator Access Policy Step 2

  3. Assign the newly created AWS user to this group.
    Assign AWS user to group step 1
    Assign AWS user to group step 2
    Assign AWS user to group step 3

Next Steps

Setup SAP Cloud Appliance Library account and install preconfigured SAP solution in cloud

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