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Information about Moderation

Moderators ensure that the SAP Community stays a professional platform that is clean from spam and inappropriate content.

The SAP Community expects moderators to:

  • Behave in an exemplary manner and follow the rules of engagement
  • Be respectful and kind toward other community members when guiding them to better behavior in the community
  • Be fair and transparent – always leave comments to explain all your moderation actions
  • Be consistently active as a moderator, resolving reports and publishing pre-moderated content
  • Work toward agreements with other moderators, resolving conflicts

Moderation tasks include publishing pre-moderated content (questions and answers) and removal of spam, exposed personal information, duplicate content from the same member, and resolving flagged reports.

Global moderators

Global moderators are available to mediate conflicts between moderators, or between community members, if moderators are not able to come to an agreement.

In case you need to reach out to our global moderators, because you are confused about a moderation action or because of other critical behavior of other community members, please reach out to

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