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Customer Snapshot: Overview

One of Europe's largest and 1st online lottery pioneers

Hitting the lottery jackpot is a lifetime dream for millions, but it can be hard to always find the time to place bets in person. Thanks to secure online lottery access through Tipp24, players across Europe can be sure never to miss a chance at the big win.

Company (Smartgames Technologies Ltd.)

Customer Website

SAS, SPSS software from IBM

Sports & Entertainment


Number of Employees

Line of Business
Finance, Marketing

SAP Solutions
SAP InfiniteInsight

And now Tipp24 is targeting players with the perfect lotto offers using predictive analytics.

Customer Snapshot: History

A Pioneer in Online Lotto

For over ten years Tipp24 has been bringing the excitement of lotto to players online. Whether you are in Germany, the UK, or elsewhere in Europe, if you are feeling lucky, just log in and join the fun. Who knows…your jackpot could be just around the corner.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Lotto Offerings for Players and Businesses

Tipp24 is one of the largest lottery intermediaries in Europe. In addition to offering consumer-facing, secondary lottery products via, the company operates its own lottery offerings in other European countries. It also holds interests in companies that provide business-to-business solutions in the lottery segment, such as digital services for licensed lottery operators and a platform to empower business partners in establishing their own branded lottery products.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Promoting the Fun of Secure and Reliable Gaming
Tipp24 offers consumer-facing secondary lottery products via its platform on Customers can try their luck with the German lottery, including the popular number game “6 out of 49”. Instead of standing in line at the local lottery outlet, customers can conveniently place bets from a PC or mobile phone – right up until the lottery closes. In addition, customers are notified about lottery wins, winning numbers, and jackpots via SMS or by using Tipp24 mobile apps.

As an ISO-certified company, Tipp24 is committed to meeting international standards for customer data protection. It guarantees 100% payout on winnings and is highly committed to promoting responsible gambling. The company’s offerings are licensed and regularly controlled by the UK gambling commission. At Tipp24, the name of the game is safe, responsible fun.

Commitment to Responsible Gambling.

The Challenge

Finding the Right Game for Every Player

Tipp24 is not your traditional lottery outlet. It knows that each player is different, and so is committed to providing a more personalized customer experience. To provide the right lotto offer to the right customers at the right time, Tipp24 needed a way to understand what makes players tick. As a technology driven company, it decided to leverage the latest in analytics innovation – predictive modelling – across all marketing activities and customer channels.

Building models based on a wide range of customer data – including who is playing which games, when they are playing them, and where – reveals patterns in player behavior that otherwise would go unnoticed. Once the company could better see how players play, it could start directing specific offers and marketing campaigns to the customer segments that would be the most interested. Not only would this provide a better customer experience, it would help Tipp24 better understand customers across the lifecycle, allowing it to nurture high-value customers, increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and reduce churn.

Needed to Collect Data on Customer Behavior.

Enter SAP

Betting on the Speed of SAP InfiniteInsight

Tipp24 evaluated multiple options to find the right predictive analytics solution, including software from SAS and SPSS software from IBM. Finally they selected the SAP InfiniteInsight solution for its superior performance and scalability. Creating predictive models to analyze customer behavior used to take weeks – with SAP InfiniteInsight, the Tipp24 analytics team would be able to create new predictive models in just a few days.

The Speed of SAP Stood Out.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Bringing Players – Old and New – Into the Game

With the speed and simplicity of SAP InfiniteInsight, the Tipp24 marketing team no longer needs to spend weeks building new predictive models. That means it can focus on analyzing customer behavior patterns to determine the kinds of offers and products that will appeal to various customer segments. With new concepts tailored to customer needs, Tipp24 can improve customer satisfaction and increase business value.

800-900 variables to analyze customer behavior, including:

Tickets Bought

Products played

Gaming history



With the ability to feed 800 to 900 variables into a predictive model and combine them with demographic data, Tipp24 also has better insight into which customers are at risk of becoming inactive and which inactive customers are likely to become active again.

The Power of Predictive Analytics.

Better Business

Better Play and More Fun for Everyone

Now that Tipp24 can tailor offers to a particular customer segment, they can save time and money on marketing campaigns. They can focus more time on high-value customers and ensure that players only get messages on products and offers that are relevant to them via their preferred channel – whether by phone, direct mail, or e-mail. Not only does this increase the impact of each campaign, it fosters a better customer experience overall – leading to more fun for players and better earnings for Tipp24.

With predictive analytics and SAP InfiniteInsight, Tipp24 is winning with:




customer lifecycle


relationship management




customer lifetime value


Improves the Whole Customer Experience.

Better Business: Benefits

The Right Offer to the Right Player at the Right Time

Whether you play every week, once a month, or just when you are feeling lucky, Tipp24 has the right game for you. And thanks to SAP InfiniteInsight, they are now better positioned than ever to help you find your game of choice. By recognizing that not all players are the same and catering to individual needs, Tipp24 and their customers are winning big.


Improvement in targeting accuracy, including identifying likely players for weekly, monthly, or permanent tickets for specific lotteries


Reduction in target audience size for any individual campaign, thanks to more-precise analytics


Less time to build and deploy predictive models (from weeks to days), increasing the productivity of the analytics team


300% Uplift in Accuracy.

Better Business: Run Simple

Making Dreams Come True

Tipp24 continues to improve the accuracy of marketing activities using predictive analytics. After just one year of using SAP InfiniteInsight for predictive modeling, it improved targeting accuracy by 300%. That means introducing the right game to the right player, and hopefully making dreams come true.

In our first year using SAP InfiniteInsight, we realized a 300% uplift in targeting accuracy. –Pankaj Arora, Senior Analytics Consultant,

Journey Ahead

Happy Customers Are a Winning Ticket

As a pioneer in the online lottery market, Tipp24 will keep leveraging the latest and greatest technological innovations to keep customers coming back for more. With predictive analytics, it will continue to learn more about players to strengthen relationships and loyalty. Because, at the end of the day, happy customers come back to play another day – a winning ticket for Tipp24.

Looking for the Next Best Activity.

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