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Customer Snapshot: Overview

350,000 spectators per year

The Concours Hippique International Officiel (Official International Equestrian Tournament of the Federal Republic of Germany), CHIO Aachen, offers Nations’ Cups in the five disciplines dressage, jumping, eventing, four-in-hand driving and vaulting. 

CHIO Aachen

Customer Website

Line of Business

SAP Solutions

Aachen, Germany

Number of Employees
~ 600

Sports & Entertainment

Visionary Themes


SAP is the official Technology Sponsor of the 10-day, 500 horse event.

Customer Snapshot: History

80+ Years of World-Class Equestrian Events

Over the past 10 decades, fans have been flocking to Aachen, Germany to be part of the excitement. The CHIO Quiz and Audience Judge mobile app now invites the audience to participate on a whole new level.

SAP helps the audience get in on the action.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Taking Social Sharing to a New Level

The CHIO Aachen goal is to redesign the Equestrian Sports Experience, inviting the audience to become participants and get involved in the action. The CHIO Quiz app provides a great opportunity to learn more about the event and Equestrian Sports and users can creatively interact with the sport like never before.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Next Generation Technology for the Next Generation of Fans

CHIO Aachen wanted to complement the fan experience at the World Equestrian Festival with immersive and interactive mobile apps. These new apps allow fans to post commentary on ongoing events in real time and test fan knowledge of equestrian sports in a fun and engaging way.

It’s important for us to come up with technology innovations that really enhance the audience experience, not just something nice to have. And SAP Cloud Platform is helping us do exactly that. – Michael Mronz, General Manager, Aachen Reitturnier GmbH

The Challenge

More Data, More Insights, Deceptively Simple

For 2014, SAP Sports Sponsoring decided to deliver this year’s apps with a vastly enhanced scope and state-of-the-art user experience. The UX designers from SAP’s combined expertise helped identify and leverage the great potential of the original 2013 prototypes. Now, for 2014, the goal was to bring more value to the users, but also to increase reach and depth of the insights provided to users and sports media alike, without compromising simplicity and usability.

We wanted to create an app that was easy to use, right from the start. – Viktor Georgiev, Senior Strategic Design Consultant, SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center

Enter SAP


Thinking About the End User

If you look at SAP as a company with its culture, that just makes us proud to have SAP as a partner. It is a great company: innovative, technically oriented, and always looking for solutions. That’s important to us: to come up with ideas that have a benefit for the users, not just something nice to have. To achieve this, SAP is the perfect partner for us. – Michael Mronz, General Manager, CHIO Aachen

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Strategic Design Creates More Engaged Users

Beginning with Design Thinking workshops, the CHIO and SAP teams collected, refined, and developed ideas about what they wanted to gamify and what should be included in the app. As the audience of CHIO Aachen is well known for their expertise, an important question was sparked: how to empower audience members to evaluate equestrians’ performance the same way the judges do?
The User Experience Design teams from SAP created wireframes and tested them with riders and spectators.

In response to user feedback as well as based on research by the architectural and technical development teams, a number of conceptual and usability corrections were made and the solution design was iteratively improved to reflect the actual event requirements.

This approach helped to bring the virtual team of SAP experts and our partners from CHIO Aachen quickly into a creative mode that sparked innovative ideas. Seeing the wireframes evolve out of these ideas was a great experience and a perfect basis for a great app. – Henrike Paetz, SAP Sponsorships

Better Business

A Simple Solution to an Overwhelming Amount of Data

In competitions where judges assess all elements of riders’ performance in real time, collecting as well as tapping right into an overwhelming amount of important data is invaluable. With the new and improved version of the CHIO Audience Judge app, an innovative cloud solution powered by SAP HANA, spectators may accurately and quickly judge the performance of riders, vaulters, and horses, live at tournaments. The app runs on both smartphones and tablets, and users can share results over social media through the app.

The app features an intuitive and user-friendly application interface. One key highlight is the ability to integrate with third-party data sources to provide real-time data on fan, individual judge, and overall rider scoring using SAP HANA extended application services.

Due to the app, spectators can be part of the game. They can compare their own scores with those of the official judges and the rest of the audience. – Alessandro Sposato, Strategic Design Consultant at the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center

Better Business: Benefits

More Fun for More Fans

Making use of the SAP Gamification Platform, the CHIO Aachen Quiz has proven to be a fun and entertaining feature with quite a valuable informational component for the many fans who enjoy learning more about CHIO Aachen. Social media is also integrated into the app enabling users to share their achievements on Twitter.

Better Business: Run Simple

User Experience as a Top Priority

The app was designed to Run Simple, with usability at the forefront. Roughly 3,500 fans participated in the CHIO Quiz, some playing up to 200 times and checking their status in real time. Audience members had the ability to see Audience Judge results compared with official results while watching the event in real time. They were also able to test their knowledge and learn even more about the sport.

The User Experience Design team from SAP approached this design challenge with a sequence of Design Thinking workshops, first at CHIO Aachen and subsequently at the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg. During these workshops, the CHIO and SAP teams collected, refined, and further developed ideas about which scenarios to build. The result? A complex app that looks deceptively simple!

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