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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Donating 10% of profits has helped more than 310,900 children in the U.S and Haiti

Life is good, Inc.

~US$100 million

Number of Employees



Attune Consulting

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business
Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Sourcing and Procurement, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
SAP Apparel and Footwear

Life is good struck an emotional chord with their uplifting three-word slogan and broadly smiling stick-figure mascot. After concluding that optimism isn’t a trend, the company implemented the SAP Apparel and Footwear Solution package to ensure on-time delivery of their popular t-shirts, apparel, and gifts that help spread good vibes.

Customer Snapshot: History

The Life of Life is good

After designing and hawking t-shirts for five years from the back of their van, Bert and John Jacobs were struggling to keep their dream of owning a business alive. That’s when a grinning face and three simple words helped turn the brothers’ last few dollars into a $100 million-a-year business.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

A Core Social Mission

The business side of Life is good operates through four major distribution channels: wholesale, retail, e-commerce, and licensing partners. Merchandise is sold through more than 4,500 retail outlets in all 50 United States and 30 countries. Licensing partnerships with Hallmark Cards, Inc. and the J.M. Smucker Company are the first two business opportunities with well-established market leaders meant to elevate the Life is good brand in new industries.

The company donates 10% of their net profits to support the Life is good Kids Foundation. Life is good established the not-for-profit organization to raise money to help children overcome violence, poverty, and illness. The foundation directly funds the Life is good Playmakers Program, which provides training and support for childcare professionals to help children grow up feeling safe, loved, and joyful.

The like what you do lifestyle...

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy


More than a Motto

By embracing optimism, Life is good provides customers with something greater than t-shirts, hats, and greeting cards. The brand provides hope by shifting the focus from what’s wrong in the world to what’s right in the world. And in a world where customers co-author the story of a company’s brand, the brand doesn’t own the stories; they belong to the customers.

Focusing on the good...

The Challenge

The Key to Customer Fulfillment: Fulfillment

Because a core value of Life is good is delivering optimism to those who need it, the company committed themselves to improving their ability to deliver products to those who order them. Life is good sells hundreds of unique items through their global distribution channels. But the company sometimes struggled with fulfilling orders, even ones placed months ahead of time. The company attributes these fulfillment lapses to a lack of visibility into their supply chain status at any particular point in time.

Enter SAP

Empowering Superpowers
Life is good calls their brand values superpowers:
Courage, Simplicity, Authenticity, Love, Wisdom, Art, Playfulness

These superpower values guide the company and their employees in everything they do. But enabling simplicity in a company that involves complex design, manufacture, supply chain, sales, and financial processes requires technology. Life is good turned to SAP because of their expertise in the apparel and footwear industries and SAP’s ability to integrate and automate vital business functions.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Supporting without Interfering

By choosing the SAP Apparel and Footwear Solution (SAP AFS) package, Life is good standardized on a solution that ensures consistent, high-quality production. With SAP partner attune, Life is good followed SAP best practices for standard implementation and transitioned to SAP AFS in only 6 months without interruption to business.

Just 26 weeks...


 Life is good now uses SAP AFS as their enterprise resource planning platform (ERP), and has gained real-time understanding into business status.
Creating common visibility...

Better Business

The Engine that Supports the Business

Customers and suppliers in the apparel industry can be difficult to predict, but with SAP AFS, managers and employees at Life is good can access and use information more effectively to make educated business decisions. Built to industry-specific requirements, SAP AFS helps Life is good successfully forecast, plan, and manufacture products, deliver the right products, and control inventories. 

Life is good used to shut down their warehouse for one week to physically inventory items. After implementing SAP, the company can conduct inventories without disrupting operations. In the back office, importing sales orders once took more than two weeks to complete, but are now finished the same day with SAP AFS. Similarly, online orders during peak buying seasons that formerly took five days can now be completed in one.

How Life is good is using SAP...

Better Business: Benefits

Good Vibes All Around

Now that Life is good is managing business more effectively with SAP, the company takes great pride in their on-time deliveries. Customers are happier and Life is good is saving money in the process. Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) with SAP AFS enables Life is good to plan more accurately and effectively for everything from raw materials to payroll.

Most measurable benefits...

Process Improvements

100% on-time

fill rate

80% reduction

in online turnaround time

0% downtime

in warehouse inventory

Good vibes in a big way...

Better Business: Run Simple

Redefining Retail with a Mission

Along with customer commitment, community involvement is in the Life is good corporate DNA. Automating with SAP AFS liberates Life is good to fulfill their community-focused goals. The company harnesses the assets of their brand to bring visibility and support to the Life is good Playmakers Program, which helps train child professionals to use the power of play to build healing, life-changing relationships with the children in their care.

When you buy Life is good, you're helping kids...

Journey Ahead


Focus on the Good and it Will Grow

As Life is good dives deeper into the complexities of their operations, particularly as they grow the core business and expand the brand to new products, the more they will need the support of technology and innovation. Fulfilling customer promises is one way Life is good focuses on the positive, and SAP helps the company keep their promises to deliver on time.

Supporting our optimistic mission...

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