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Customer Snapshot: Overview

15% Better First Time Delivery Rate

Since their founding more than 150 years ago, Poste Italiane has earned a reputation for diversification and innovation. Along with postal services, the company offers integrated products in communications, logistics, finance, insurance, and mobile telephone services. To maintain their edge, Poste Italiane is turning to mobile technology to improve and modernize all services and products.

Poste Italiane S.p.A.

€21.7 billion

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Platform and Technology, Service, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Afaria

Rome, Italy

Customer Website

Good Technology, AirWatch, MobileIron, Citrix

Public Sector

Customer Snapshot: History

150 Years of Public Service

Organized postal delivery in Italy dates back to the Roman Empire’s cursus publicus, but the modern postal system wasn’t established until 1862, after the small sovereign states in the Italian peninsula united into the Kingdom of Italy. Today, Poste Italiane has become an international model for the transformation of a former state-run monopoly into a successful, integrated business.

The Challenge

Mobilizing Mail Carriers

When the European Union began liberalizing postal markets in 1997, Italy’s national service, Poste Italiane, became a public limited company and relinquished their monopolies on many postal services. Since liberalization, Poste Italiane has expanded and diversified into several other business units including: SDA (express courier services); Postel (hybrid electronic mail services); Poste Vita (life insurance) Postecom (online services); BancoPosta Fondi SGR (investment funds); and PosteMobile (mobile telephony).
Poste Italiane understands that making life easier for customers is a key competitive differentiator. Enabling their mail carriers with reliable mobile technology is a major step toward delivering a new generation of services right to their customers’ doorsteps.

Enter SAP

Turning to A Trusted Product

Poste Italiane has been a dedicated SAP customer for many years, turning to SAP solutions for administration, accounting, product lifecycle management, data warehousing, and human resources. Diversification at Poste Italiane led the organization to select SAP Afaria for mobile device management, because officials wanted a solution that could handle multiple operating systems and device types, such as handheld computers, scanners, printers, and point-of-sale devices.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


The Mail Market Was Ready

Toward their goal of bringing a mobile post office to Italy’s 26 million households, Poste Italiane conducted a pilot project involving two post offices and 500 devices.

Based on the success of the pilot, Poste Italiane began a rollout consisting of more than 18,000 devices in Italy’s major metropolitan areas, which was completed in six months and within budget.

Better Business

More Convenience for Mail Customers

By enabling postal workers with mobile devices, Poste Italiane is freeing customers from having to travel to the local post office. They can now sign electronically at home for registered mail, phone SIM cards, and other materials that require tracking. In some cases, customers ordering products for delivery by mail can pay for their eCommerce purchases with a credit card when the carrier delivers the mail. Customers can even initiate contracts for insurance and financial services right at their doorsteps.

Since the SAP Afaria implementation, Poste Italiane has maintained better than 99% availability for its mobile devices. Real-time tracking has helped Poste Italiane optimize delivery routing, and the immediate availability of electronic data has helped improve first-time delivery rates by 15% to a total of over 87%.

Better Business: Benefits


Mobile Solutions from SAP…

Improved customer service

Increased first-time delivery rates by 15% to more than 87% overall

Minimized paperwork for organization and for customers

Highlighted Poste Italiane’s ongoing commitment to innovation

More timely deliveries. More first attempt delivers.

Better Business: Run Simple

Carriers Can Manage Higher Volume

The SAP Afaria solution helps Poste Italiane’s carriers do their jobs more effectively because they can better understand and manage their workloads. SAP Afaria also helps eliminate paperwork and improve timeliness and efficiency by reducing the numbers of repeat deliveries, tracking errors, and customer documentation.

Journey Ahead

More Mobile Products and Services

Poste Italiane will continue to roll out mobile devices, which will ultimately number about 40,000 among the nation’s 14,000 post offices. The post office is also looking to expand their service portfolio to include services such as driver’s license renewals and medicine delivery from the National Pharmacy Federation.

Mobile technology is helping the postal service implement new products and services faster than ever, providing a competitive edge and improving the lives of their customers.

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