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Customer Snapshot: Overview

''The Super Smoothie'' eases nutritional deficits in food-insecure babies and toddlers

A young, fast-growing company—Plum Organics wanted to integrate all business information to one common platform, allowing staff to perform jobs more efficiently in executing business processes. More importantly, it would free up time to focus on their core mission: providing healthy organic, delicious meals and snacks for babies, toddlers, and kids.

Plum Organics

US$80 million

Number of Employees

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Business ByDesign

Emeryville, California, USA

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Implementation Partners
Navigator Business Systems

Consumer Products

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Generation Organic—from the Highchair to the Lunchbox™

Available nationwide, Plum Organics offers a comprehensive lineup of organic meals and snacks for babies, toddlers, and beyond, with the Plum Kids™ brand for school-aged children. Founded on the belief that healthy eating can begin right from the start, Plum Organics is a leading organic child nutrition company with a focus on the true importance of nourishing future generations of our population with wholesome food.

Plum's products are different - a game-changer in the baby food category. Why?

Organically-grown food

(pure and fresh, no hormones or chemicals)

Lightly cooked vs. Over-cooked

(retaining flavor & nutrients)

Flexible, light-weight packaging

(easy for babies to hold, portable for parents)

The product portfolio contains unique culinary-inspired ingredient profiles that mix vegetables, fruits, dairy, and whole grains together, creating kid crave-able products with high nutritional value.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

The Right Stuff to Flourish—for Every Child

Plum’s mission is to nourish every little one with the organic nutrition they need to flourish. However, a critical part of what they strive to do is get those nutritious products into the hands of many more families and children who could otherwise not afford them or have limited access to nutrition.

Plum partners with a network of non-profit partners such as Convoy of Hope and Baby Buggy to ensure that as much Plum product as possible is distributed to families in need across the country. In addition to the ongoing donation stream, disaster relief is an area of focus that requires quick and clear access to company inventory and distribution. When disasters like Hurricane Sandy strike, having visibility into inventory enables them to quickly determine how much product they can make available to affected families.

The Challenge

Collaborating Without Wasting Time

Plum Organics wanted its entire business to collaborate using the same data, parameters and processes. Staff were stuck coordinating tasks by relying on spreadsheets, manual processes, and e-mails. This approach required an inordinate amount of tactical time as the company grew and depleted the time spent on strategic initiatives and planning.

Enter SAP

Gathering in the Cloud

To take on the challenge, Plum Organics, with the assistance of SAP’s implementation team and Navigator Business Systems, deployed SAP Business ByDesign, a cloud-based ERP solution on which Plum Organics can run its entire business—financials, human resources, sales, procurement, customer service, and their supply chain.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

SAP technologies are dynamic—a culture that aligns strongly with Plum Organics.
Plum Organics is a design-driven organization with an innovative approach in all areas of the business. SAP plays a role in this by providing innovative technology that enables the creation of forward-looking products.
As part of this project, Plum Organics also integrated additional third-party platforms including forecasting and sales orders solutions. With these additional solutions, managers can more effectively forecast now that they have greater visibility into inventory levels. These platforms allow for more specific inventory reporting and ultimately greater success by being able to make better informed business decisions.

Better Business

More Time for the Kitchen

With SAP Business ByDesign, data is now readily available, clean, consistent, concise, and accurate. The company can now generate accurate reports automatically rather than manually mining data from spreadsheets. This creates more time for Plum Organics to focus on its core mission and in the long run translates to providing even more organic meals and snacks to babies, toddlers, and kids.

Better Business: Benefits

Everyone Wins

With the deployment of SAP Business ByDesign, Plum Organics employees can now interact with each other more efficiently and on a timely basis. “The enhanced visibility that SAP provides enables increased team collaboration leading to tighter engagement and more timely execution,” said Michael Meyer, Chief Operating Officer of Plum Inc. “This capability allows us to invest more company resources to business expansion, product innovation, customer service, and consumer engagement.”

The Plum Organics’ staff can focus on more strategic initiatives because they no longer have to manually manage information. Since many processes are now automated, personnel can work more closely with existing suppliers, retailers, and invest more in product development to bring new products online faster and deliver them to the children’s parents.

Our business processes combined with the SAP system enables us to more efficiently operate as individuals as well as interact with each other as a one company. Our employees are now a tighter team that are able to work more as an integrated whole. – Beth Wilson, VP of Operations at Plum Inc.

Better Business: Lessons Learned

Blazing the Trail: Not Easy, But Totally Worth It

Plum Organics, SAP, and Navigator Business Systems collaborated to create a blueprint for other companies that work with manufacturing and distribution partners to become more efficient in managing business processes. Creating an ERP system that allows for collaboration with business partners can be challenging, but Plum Organics used an innovative approach relative to the processes by which they selected the solution, led the project team, collaborated with staff, and addressed issues in real time.

The team also adhered to a tight schedule and became fully committed during the two-month deployment. From the board level down, there was a full commitment of all company resources that enabled optimal collaboration. Plum Organics is already realizing the benefits of improved operational and financial reporting, and planning-side improvements that will meet customer needs more timely and more efficiently.

Better Business: Run Simple

A Whole New World for Babies

Consistently deploying advanced technologies such as SAP Business ByDesign has helped Plum Organics revolutionize the baby food category, which was previously categorized by low-performing, commoditized products in glass jars. Plum Organics introduced a first-to-market spouted pouch that has single-handedly revolutionized a dormant baby food category.

Journey Ahead

Growing and Spreading like an Organic Weed

In its rapidly growing business Plum has national distribution through strategic accounts with retailers like TARGET, Babies “R” Us, and Safeway. Having immediate access to product inventory, various points of distribution across the country, and up-to-date promotional spend, allows Plum to be more opportunistic and supportive when new opportunities are presented by our key customers.
New doors have recently opened to Plum in the world of strategic accounts and key customers, as the organization was acquired by household name - Campbell Soup Co.

Although they will operate independently and consumers will not see changes in the product or packaging, Plum now has the opportunity to reach families and nourish children across the globe easier than ever before.

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