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Customer Snapshot: Overview

#1 grower of Hass avocados in the world

CAMPOSOL, a worldwide agriculture supplier, is one of the largest employers in Peru. They are the world’s largest exporter of Hass avocados, and are soon to be the largest exporter of blueberries as well. In 2006, the company realized that their goals for expansion into the fresh produce market could only be reached with a global data management solution and better strategizing among their business areas. CAMPOSOL implemented SAP ERP in 2008 with great success in consolidating processes and saving time. Since then CAMPOSOL has continued to adopt new SAP solutions to enhance their digital transformation and ensure future success.


Customer Website

Line of Business
Finance, Service, Supply Chain, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, SAP ERP, SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform

Lima, Peru

Number of Employees

Consumer Products

Visionary Themes

Digital Economy, Run Simple, Health & Education, Run Live, Clean Planet & Climate Change



Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Growing and Distributing Sweet and Savory Healthful Products Around the World

CAMPOSOL S.A. is the leading agro-industrial company headquartered in Peru. A vertically integrated company, they are involved in the farming, processing, and marketing of highest-quality agricultural and seafood products such as avocados, blueberries, grapes, mangoes, tangerines, asparagus, shrimp, and scallops. Exporting to Europe, the United States, and Asia, CAMPOSOL’s business model has been focused on goods in cans and glass jars until recently when the growing demand for nutritious, fresh, organic products opened the company up to a new opportunity to expand into fresh foods.

CAMPOSOL’s vision is to become one of the main five leaders in providing healthy food to families of the world.

CAMPOSOL is the 3rd largest employer in Peru


An international agricultural giant.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Leader in the Healthy Food Industry

CAMPOSOL is committed to supporting sustainable development through social responsibility policies and projects. The company can boast many “firsts” in its list of achievements, including the first Peruvian agro-industrial company to be member of the United Nations global Compact, and the first to present annual audited Sustainability Reports.

Delivering high quality, fresh produce worldwide.

The Challenge

Speed Up Distribution from Farm to Fridge

CAMPOSOL S.A. is a large company that grows and distributes healthy foods far and wide across the globe. They saw an opportunity to boost sales by expanding beyond canned-foods into the fresh produce market. To meet that goal, CAMPOSOL realized the company needed to Run Simple and transform their business processes, exchange spreadsheets for more sophisticated data management, improve the user experience, and optimize overall processes.

Since fresh produce perishes quickly, they knew they needed to accelerate the production chain from the farm to the consumer’s hands. Plus, to enable smart decision-making during their foray into the realm of fresh produce, they needed detailed, lightning-fast insight into how each product was selling in each area of the world.


Keeping quality standards high.

Enter SAP

Working Together Since 2007

The in-memory processing capabilities SAP offers appealed strongly to the CAMPOSOL team, who were bogged down with reactive analytics and cumbersome spreadsheets. While they had originally considered developing an in-house solution, after conducting market and cost-benefit analyses, they ultimately decided to adopt SAP® ERP back in 2007, which was deployed in 2008.

A long-standing relationship.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Serving Customers Better with Each Implementation

The transitions have gone well, enhancing the company’s data management and analytics tools to improve performance at each step. The fresh produce arm of the business is thriving, with CAMPOSOL’s distribution of Hass avocadoes and fresh blueberries achieving superlative performance.

Growing and learning more with SAP solutions.

Better Business


Stronger, Better, Faster

The transition to SAP HANA proved to be almost completely seamless and invisible from the user perspective with one major difference: users could instantly see marked increase in speed when accessing the same screens and data they had before.

SAP HANA delivers agility.

The system met our requirements, and because it was SAP, it also elevated the confidence of our shareholders and investors. – Juan Miguel Balbin Miranda, CIO of CAMPOSOL

Better Business: Benefits

Run Live with the Weather and Other Factors

The application CAMPOSOL has built on the SAP HANA platform provides real-time data on what is happening with the crops in the fields so they can stay informed and plan ahead. That’s vital information in an industry where constantly shifting weather conditions affect every aspect of business.

Real-time data keeps CAMPOSOL informed.

95% less

time to generate end-of-month reports

99% quicker

payment processing

97% faster

application performance

Better Business: Run Simple

Staying On Top of Data in Real Time

Reports that used to take 14 hours now take only 2 minutes. That’s just one example of time saved with real-time data processing. In addition to speed, the system is also more agile, with better data analysis functionality. With these improvements, managers can make more informed decisions and spend more time planning for the future instead of reacting to missed opportunities.

Processes 4 TB of data in real-time


Protecting what matters most.

In the past, we had to limit searches and time periods for reports. Today, we can analyze everything, and managers have a sounder basis for decisions. – Juan Miguel Balbin Miranda, CIO of CAMPOSOL

Journey Ahead

Focus on Business Development, Not Business As Usual

With the time saved in processing reports, managers can now turn their focus to a search for new business opportunities. CAMPOSOL is bringing in new SAP Fiori® apps to let users access the information they need on the go and on demand to further improve productivity. The company is also deploying SAP BusinessObjects™ Lumira software to help visualize data and improve insights for even greater business intelligence.

Taking advantage of all SAP HANA has to offer.

We are trying to build a solution that can provide us with flexibility to make us a live enterprise. I believe in the SAP Cloud Platform because it is going to provide us with success in all the channels that we need to face. – Juan Miguel Balbin Miranda, CIO of CAMPOSOL
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