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Work with big goals – and big budgets – to help us make the right moves in the digital economy.

Take aim at ambitious financial targets

At SAP, we’ve got ambitious financial targets – and you can help us achieve them. How? By providing insight into performance and trends, managing treasury and revenue, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, overseeing financial operations – and so much more.  

Our finance organization helped us pull in 15% growth in cloud revenue in 2020. The year 2020 showed once again that SAP can deliver both reliable financial returns and strong underlying growth – and we take great pride in this continued growth story. Are you up for the challenge? As a member of our finance team, you’ll use the latest technology to navigate risk and opportunity – and you’ll have a respected voice at the world’s largest business software company.

Which financial column do you fit in?

We have many different finance teams to choose from. No matter which you choose, you’ll help grow our business – and your career. Explore four of our most popular choices below.

€27.34 billion

Total revenue (non-IFRS) in 2020

  • Finance and accounting
    This team makes sure we meet all our accounting and financial reporting requirements. It oversees and manages contracts, accounts receivable, treasury, and more. And it coordinates and advises on the approval of commercial deals.
  • Finance operations
    The finance operations team is responsible for SAP’s day-to-day financial health. It executes our end-to-end finance processes, prepares journal entries, maintains ledger accounts, closes the books, helps ensure compliance, and more.
  • Controlling
    Controllers at SAP provide decision-makers with the financial insights they need to make the right calls. They report on performance and future trends, they oversee planning activities like budgeting and forecasting, and so much more.
  • Procurement
    This team takes charge of the proverbial SAP shopping cart – and procures material and services for internal clients. Among other tasks, it manages supplier relationships, conducts competitive bidding, and negotiates contracts.

Do your research. How will you crunch the numbers?

Find out what sort of tools and technology you’ll use in a corporate finance career at SAP. Hint: we make life easy for you with the latest and greatest innovations in financial management.

Best-in-class financial solutions

Our finance pros use SAP’s best-selling technology and solutions to excel in their careers. Learn how our software for financial planning and analysis, financial close, treasury and risk management, finance operations, and governance, risk, and compliance can make your job easier – and more fun. 

Lightning-fast analytics

SAP is the market leader in business analytics – and as a member of our finance team, you’ll have access to the newest toys. Use them to predict the financial impact of decisions, analyze data on the fly, and understand risk in real time.

Big Data solutions for finance

We’re a big company – and our finance teams deal with oceans of Big Data every day. But don’t worry, you’re in good hands. SAP solutions use in-memory technology to make financial Big Data collection, management, and analysis a breeze. 

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