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Thomas Esser

Director of Global Sponsorships

Thomas' story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

SAP technology is not only the classic ERP transactional driven work. It is also used in cool and engaging sports’ partnerships, like helping Mercedes-EQ Formula E to improve their performance.

Thomas Esser

"After thirteen years in banking, I got the chance to do something different.” Thomas Esser started his SAP career within consulting for the banking industry but after more than a decade in the industry he was determined to try something new and different and pursued a fellowship with the Global Sponsorships team.

On completion of his fellowship, Thomas seized the opportunity to become involved in a new motorsport project, partnering with the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team. Now he works on solutions which optimizes the team’s performance, whether it’s measuring the health performance of athletes through fitness trackers or helping the team incorporate SAP S/4 HANA technology into their business operations.

It was during one of his first team outings on the Global Sponsorship team, Thomas met Eva Piorkowski, another Director of Global Sponsorships and discovered they were actually neighbors as well as colleagues, “five years and I never noticed her before we started working together. Same street just different house number,” says Thomas. Since then, they have been an unstoppable power duo in bringing data analytics to the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team. Thomas expresses how he enjoys how they are a smaller and new team, which allows them to explore many more opportunities. “They are a really speedy and agile organization. That is what makes it easy and cool to work with them. They are open to every new technology and it’s easier to bring this to life in a small team rather than a large enterprise.”

Thomas has been with SAP for almost two decades now and continues to admire how SAP is more than just a traditional software company; it is transforming the way businesses and sport teams perform. Thomas claims how he loves how SAP combines conventional marketing and technology innovation. He explains how the Mercedes team was able to utilize S/4 HANA for their financial processes and procurements within three months, which shows how quick and agile SAP is. “SAP technology is not only the classic ERP transactional driven work. It is also used in cool and engaging sports’ partnerships, like helping Mercedes-EQ Formula E to improve their performance."

Meet Eva Piorkowski, Director of Global Sponsorships, who collaborates with Thomas in the partnership with the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team. Together they’re racing to bring data analytics to Formula E.

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