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Lee Dong

Security Architect

Lee's Story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.


What I love about the culture here is that everyone is fully trusted and enpowered. We share a common vision but everyone has enough flexibility and space to decide how to achieve that in our own way.

Lee Dong

Lee Dong is a Security Architect in the Product and Application Security Department of SAP Global Security and has been with SAP 13 years.

I am from Henan province, which is located at the center of China mainland, but moved to Shanghai for my Masters degree. After getting my Masters in computer science and technology I stayed in Shanghai and started my career.

I joined SAP as senior developer working for cloud product development in 2008. Then I spent time as scrum master of my team and engaged in architect curriculum and became an associate architect. Since 2012 I moved to a new department and acted as architect responsible for cloud infrastructure, and took security lead role for a new cloud product since 2016. In early 2018 I joined SAP Global Security as security architect and also took the lead role of local security community.

A typical day for me starts at 9:30 when I meet with various colleagues from different business areas who contribute some of their efforts to security programs and respond to inquiries regarding product security. I then meet my teammates to sync latest statuess and discuss how to proceed our common goals together.

Sometimes I also host threat modelling workshops or security trainings and spend whole days in training rooms.

I describe my role as a “Hacker defending enabler”. My primary role is as the leader of the security community in Labs China; I am in charge of defining the security strategy and promoting the security culture here. The biggest challenge is how to gain colleagues’ attention and eliminate their wrong perception to security topic and engage in our activities to upskill their security knowledge.

My secondary role is the security architect responsible for supporting LoBs on security process, toolchain, architecture and education needs.

The part of my role I enjoy the most is that I get to meet people with different backgounds, expose them with security information and see their “wow” response when they realize how security impact their live and arm their brains with right postures. I also work together with security experts, architects and developers to analyze and design secure products for our customers.

The Labs China security community is thought the role model across SAP labs network. More and more colleagues join the community, contribute and engage in the programs we design for them to learn security and have fun together.

I joined SAP Global Security because of a colleague who relocated to China from Germany for two years and we worked on security together. He gave me a lot of help from different perspective and encouraged me to change my career path.

What I love about the culture here is that everyone is fully trusted and enpowered. We share a common vision but everyone has enough flexibility and space to decide how to achieve that in our own way. In the meantime we align and support each other without reservations. Success to me means becoming a better myself, and working on something that really interests me. I think SAP gives me enough space to explore and pursue my own success. I had the opportunity to do a fellowship in the US for 3 months. The opportunity gave me a fresh experience about living abroad and working with lots of people from different cultures.

In SAP work life balance is guaranteed. I am a cycling fan, and I enjoy riding bicyle to explore the city and the nature around. The best thing in SAP is we have many clubs including cycling club which I am a part of. We have long distance rides at weekends, eat delicious food and chat together. It is always full of fun and smiles and I always invite my wife to join club activities if possible.

Growing up I wanted to be an engineer, most probably because my parents were chemical engineers. Later on I knew learned about computers from the TV and fell in love with the idea of them. Making a living from interests seeded since childhood makes me very lucky.

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