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SAP HANA version 1.0 SPS10

What’s new in SAP HANA version SPS 10?

SAP HANA SPS 10 focuses innovation on the areas of running mission-critical applications, connecting the enterprise to the Internet of Things (IoT), processing Big Data – and facilitating the development of next-generation applications.

SPS 10: Database Enhancements

Multi-tier storage

Find out about SAP HANA dynamic tiering enhancements – including new support for multitenant database containers, graph tables, automatic failover, backup and recovery, and monitoring. 

Workload management and load balancing

Learn how new workload classes in SAP HANA SPS 10 can help you refine resource allocation for users and/or applications. The result? Better workload prioritization and optimized resource use.  


See how you can use multitenant database containers in conjunction with dynamic tiering and smart data streaming. And manage database containers from SAP HANA Cockpit and SAP DB Control Center.  

Administration and security

Hear how database administrators can now perform installations, upgrades, backups, system replication, role assignments, and certificate management from anywhere – with simplified tools. 


Explore the expanded list of virtualization options – including VMware vSphere 5.5 in scale-out deployments (controlled availability) and logical partitioning in IBM and Hitachi Data Systems. 


See how SPS 10 can process transactions up to 6X faster than earlier versions – with support for IBM POWER8 systems on SUSE Linux for SAP BW on SAP HANA, and Intel Haswell processors with TSX.

SPS 10: Data Processing Enhancements

Advanced algorithms and spatial data processing

Learn about new processing capabilities that include: Application Functional Modeler improvements, Predictive Algorithms Library extensions, the ability to add custom algorithms to the Application Functional Library, and spatial data processing enhancements.

Series data

Explore resources covering SPS 10 enhancements to series data capabilities – improved usability, new aggregate and window functions, and more. Understand how they allow you to store data efficiently, even when you are dealing with high throughput sensor data.

SPS 10: Application Services and Development Tools Enhancements

Development tools

Benefit from a number of powerful new features in the SAP HANA Web-based developer workbench. These include GitHub integration, new calculation viewer editor features, SQLScript debugging, and modeling capabilities.  

SPS 10: Data Integration and Quality Enhancements

Hadoop integration

Support the latest Hadoop distributions, deliver faster data transfers with Spark SQL, and use a single user interface to manage both SAP HANA and Hadoop data. SAP HANA Cockpit and Apache Ambari integration makes it possible.  

Remote data synchronization

Learn about the remote data sync capabilities introduced in SPS 10. They allow thousands of databases at the edge of your network to exchange data in a transactionally consistent manner – through one centralized SAP HANA instance.  

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